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Read this= here’s my opinion about the riot last Wednesday at the US Capitol. Warning= I’m going to be very frank and honest. Less than 10 days until the Biden inauguration.

I have had it = enough!

I’ve had enough of frumpy Christian over naive people who voted for Trump and tried to back out of any support for this guy who had cited violence last Wednesday.

I’m not naming names but I told a Catholic almost former friend/associate that I have known for 30 years that I don’t want to see her again for awhile. She was one of my reluctant bridesmaids at my wedding. Yet over and over again this lady is frumpy as hell and continually is overscrupulous, and worries about the stupidest things, and voted for Trump. Why did she do that? Because some old lady who is scared of her own shadow at her church told her to do so.neither of them actually hear God or the essence of Christianity.

I cannot believe how anybody can be so stupid and ignorant . You’re scared of succeeding as it’s not ladylike to do so and somebody will be offended. Actually, it’s the ladies outside the church a coffee and donuts or the nattering that goes on when they sit there and the gossip about who we are going to vote for and we can’t do that because we can’t research that would be a mortal sin.

Saying to the whole dam world now yesterday, I got on the phone and asked , “ so what do you think about this whole capital riot thing?”

“I don’t watch it and Oooooodear,” she says. It’s sinful to watch conflict is that she seem to be saying.

Let me give you a visual on this one. Individuals like her and others need a freaking reality check. They follow anything other frumpy say to do Alex gets to the point where you start wondering if they listen to God at all? )

Houston, we have a problem. My father used to work with you and some degree. Houston we have a serious problem of ignorance.

Tell the people who put monkeys and humans in all kinds of things in space and possibly including myself, that we have a serious scrupulous problem with assholes who are naive and choose to be church stupid. Nervous at the side of their own shadow and well, I’m over it.

Sure as hell should left all of us up there went up there. What the bleep did we have to come down to this?

I have addressed this before and I will address it again. Oh, we need to talk.

I can’t do this any more I cannot be near people who choose to be ignorant.I cannot be near people who choose to be overscrupulous because of their undesirable belief that if your brain is left or your breath right in the wrong direction and God is watching, you’re going to hell.

Comes with my mockery is that I do in private but I’m doing it here now = “we can’t do theeeeeeyaaaaat”. These these people usually come from the great Lakes region or in the middle of nowhere in their brain. Is there a walk in fear and no we cannot see your shadow because it might be liberal.

It would be an absolute decisive mortal sin and against our 50s culture to actually do research on something and actually find out what this communism in liberalism is there was so afraid of because we don’t know what fear is but we’re afraid of our fear .

So I called her and asked and after I found out that she voted for Trump, without thinking I’ll wait into her and her family. my point is this = if you cannot I think people will decide for you. If you do not have know how to research, and research on your own through tested research skills and not just EWTN, then they will decide for you.

I told her you’re responsible for the DC violence indirectly in the murders of five people and forget the dead babies.

Said a profanity and I hung up and I don’t give a shit and I am never going back to 1800 frumpheademptyland.

After thinking about this more and more it makes me laugh my ass off because years ago where after the 08 recession, we both got furloughed at the same time. Well being who I am, I knew I had to think quickly and get on with it. Tell you what kind of individual that says she kept saying in a slug scrupulous way go forward go forward go forward. She was repeating herself Repeating herself over and over and over again because she didn’t know what else to say. It’s like a mantra to calm the nervousness of a child within.

Screw this , I said you’re going to the local college get your transcripts and try to find a better job let’s go I’ll go with you I said.

I don’t get how the hell someone my age now can walk in a fog and say mantras like go forward over and over again for scrupulousness because they’re afraid of their own damn shadow.

I am so freaking over all of it.I know that, watching that capital riot made me shudder and shake and I was brave enough to do so to see what happens when people make your decisions.

America we have a problem, forget Houston they’re not helping.

To my ex friend and you know who you are please pick up the white courtesy brain outside your body telephone it’s a courtesy telephone pick it up listen to yourself and not others.

People it’s time to move on from the ball the clock is ticking I can’t wait for these people to go away.

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The “Church war” in my parish is very unnecessary…

I’m sick of this. I’m still technically a parishioner at St. Justin Martyr. But it’s getting harder to stay at this parish . There are other Latin Rite Roman Catholic parishes I can hide in.

But not yet.

Next week I’ll have my diocese of St Pete Catechism certification. I’m pondering openly. That means I could teach Sunday school in the fall. I know better.

Read the story above.

No, I’m no t leaving to go with those immature stupids. Baby Christians who didn’t get their way. It’s more about falling up and down and following leaders and not your own Christian walk. If a leader pisses you off, you leave in spite. Immaturity is what you do afterwards. You ignore the facts about real faith and have a fit about it.

What’s really important??? To me, it’s The Holy Eucharist. Look that up readers.

”Tis maturity! ” Maturity in faith? It’s about God first and respect of the Church Magisterium. This guy didn’t have it. He didn’t want to wait to find a secular real job. He had a fit and arched his back like stinking toddler having a tantrum.

But some of my readers would not understand this. You don’t start your own church. That’s not authentic. You work in another corner and lay low and move on when you don’t get your way. Big ass deal. You know what’s more interesting and important.

That mean ignoring the stupid stuff leaders do when you disagree with them, and moving on, not being tied to things and people, and actually having a senses of your inner self without being swayed too easily. That inner self is where your prayer and meditation come from , and it’s where your center and conscience lives. Awareness of it means you cannot be easily swayed by jerks for very long. It’s where you have your intelligence and where you use it.

I have a small problem with the “look at mes online who are on the lay retreat circuit.” These people don’t wanna work a real job. Or ok, I know some after mAny years of a serious real secular job, retire in lay ministry. But then they morph into fakes. Or because of immature faith and not being grounded, weird crap happens.

These people cannot be themselves in ministry. They are just like their work life before: incompetent and insecure.

There are some good lay people who are themselves. But they are few.

But others do not want a secular job before ministry. Church is the easy way out to hide . They don’t want to work a secular job out in the world like a regular person and be with it. Most ministry people now want to run things and it is not about a mature Christian walk. It’s about what you do. It’s about “look at me” and “I’m so easily offended I’m gonna spite you”. It’s about “filling in my insecurities” and ” gotcha, I see you didn’t do what I taught you and trads think is corrrectly”. The last one is not about real evangelization in the Catholic Church.

There is no balance and it all about the ego. These people got into ministry for the wrong reasons so they wouldn’t have to work a real secular job. Others like some good priests are there because they are really called after working real jobs. They are real and seasoned. Most Non real job priests without that background are personal due to their formation. Some could do better.

But the laity lack that formation, mostly. No one catches their garbage.

Yeah, been there done that but mine was here online. I don’t think I’d ever do what Joe did. I feel bad, but didn’t go off and start an internet Church of my own like King Henry the 8th. I was ready to chop heads but I didn’t do it. One time, I called a bishop’s office. I secretly wrote a few letters and actually signed them. Yeah, I admit it. Two bishops wrote back. Editors wrote back. I’m still in the Church.

An online magazine was dismantled forever due to their homeschooling only position. Bleep got done I’ve moved on, mostly.

Oh. I have yet to throw the online thems : Danielle Bean, Dominico Bettinelli, “Rachel South Carolina what’s her just north of me name,” and the online retreat people in the Gulf of Mexico yet. I will one day. I have a joke list that I’ll publish one day. It’s from the early and late 00s and my sparring online. EWTN National Catholic Register Dan Burke is first on that list. Lisa Hendey is behaving herself for now and will stay online friends because she’s the same age.

These people almost cannot laugh and be real. Everything is show and awards is not relevant to them. They preach to the choir and are now t real out there .

I ask how many would of them survive a real secular reality like no AC in July, no lights for months in 2015, a Hurricane, permanent infertility, a long term inoperative car, job nightmares, riding a city bus, and a lack of health insurance? O yeah, a messy house . And ….. filling the blank…

you fI have and haven’t moved on. It’s a seven person list. They have IMHO too much air that is too hot and humid for Florida and online. Oh yeah my cousin Tom Sullivan is on that list too with Johnette Benkovic and most of her Women of Grace team. They like to hear themselves talk. They think no one else has spiritual life answers. “Lady Johnnie” had a beef about the US Girl Scouts that was evil and needless. She said they were not prolifers and went to promote the fake Little Flowers scouts so she and they could make $$ off parishes. Don’t trad there. She had fakes on her show about it. She’s going “IN” first. You do not mess with my homies and their cookies.

But I was mad yesterday when I read that. I’ve had worse happen to me that what that guy Joe had happen to him. But there he was stomping his feet like a stinking “prissy who didn’t get his way to disrespect the Church in spite.”

. There are other parishes I could join. I like to sleep in on Sunday morning, anyway. But it’s a struggle to stay here. I’m biding my time. I’m trying to still help and stay. This junk doesn’t matter to me. My center is God, me, my hub, and writing, and teaching . — in that order. It’s almost too deep to talk about.

So I go to the immigrants Mass with Portuguese people. So? After dealing with Scott’s health issues, and household crap, I hide there. I could learn a language.

In our Church, the clergy move every few years. I live in this neighborhood about less than a block away. So, this is a neighborhood fight that is old . And being I have a secular job, my job doesn’t depend on it. I’m there. I couldn’t work in the Church right now. Too much spotlight for me.

O yeah , I’m cleared with a background check to work with kids. . No trouble.

Sigh, I’m pointing the stupid finger of immaturity at both sides. I said both sides and that’s not me.

After Mass, I’m waving out the door and wearing white sunglasses and walking on very fast like a Florida chica . I almost ignore the suckups shaking hands with the pastors and celebrants. We’re done gotta go is my point. I race to the parking lot .

Don’t do this again or I will stop and it will get real . Know what I mean? My baptism was not at Walmart. But I work with you without the tantrums. I don’t start another church. I don’t make another living with another church, instead of working at another real job in the secular world .

Hey, some of them are being their immature selves. They could do better. It didn’t have the be like this. They can work together but that’s too tough. It’s too much of a big deal. How about a Symposium. But nah that’s too hard.

Got that?