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OK America two days before Thanksgiving! Before I go chase down planes trains and automobiles Movie like I always do with my beer, I have an idea for a TV series that would be absolutely hilarious.#RealityTVSeriesBetweenRednecksAndNewYorkPeople. Idea? Take five Walmart type rednecks drop them in the middle of deep uptown Manhattan where educated people are and make them eat New York food for a solid two weeks.and, take the New Yorkers or transplants from Florida and make them go eat redneck food in deep Georgia. #Hit

I don’t know if it would be a hit if you wanna steal this for me go ahead ….

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Another update November 2021= my Florida fall winter patio veggie garden

My chili peppers are starting to sprout
I decided to go organic it’s not political it’s just

The tall plant is my basil plant a.k.a. my pizza plant, and cilantro and various other stuff do a close-up to find out what it is == equal surprise!
My attempt at growing onions could be better thatI’m holding my breath though
Red bell peppers by New Year’s! Or maybe even Valentine’s Day would be goodRed bell peppers by New Year’s! Or maybe even Valentine’s Day would be good
Cabbage plants! I’m a gambling at this one. I’m going to have to get deeper pots and move them but it’s a start
Another picture of my basil plant
This is my attempt purple eggplant! Eggplant Parmesan by Valentine’s Day 2022
Dream the impossible dream and grow carrots! I have a large pot and they’re sprouting from seeds
I’m very proud of this one my red Russian kale salad with steak and egg plant Parmesan by Valentine’s Day or even Easter!
Another picture of my organically grown red Russian kaleAnother picture of my organically grown red Russian kale
Tomato plant kicks it down the street and dances because it’s my first crack ever since I was four years old
I did this with four bags of this and various pots from the garden center at Lowe’s in Clearwater Florida!

I intend on growing more stuff but let’s start with this stuff because it said that this stuff grows in our region at this time of the year. Now before you say how in the hell are you doing this and fall or winter? remember our weather is not your up north east or Midwest weather.growing season is entirely different than where you live because there’s no snow but there is frost so I may have to bring some of the stuff in or get a greenhouse in January or February. I may have to get a tarp and bring them in the kitchen during the night of frost or when thee is a Freeze warning in a couple months

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The neighbor next-door is officially gone – out. #PublicRecordInFlorida #NotAClientOfOurs I was hesitant to post about this but he’s being charged by the Pinellas county DA office with trafficking drugs and other felony charges. Officially, I’m glad he’s gone because the type of low class people I was watching coming up my sidewalk every day while working was a zoo! The Clearwater PD SWAT team came and got him 2 1/2 weeks ago. #We’redonewfelonzoo

Two weeks ago I got woken up on a Saturday morning and the dog was barking like crazy and they came and got them.

Outside was the swat team screaming at the top of their lungs and crash the sliding glass door.

I looked outside my front window there were eight cop cars in the front parking lot.

This accused felon of selling drugs in my neighborhood is no longer allowed back in his apartment. There is a lock box on it now
Here’s where the SWAT team smashed in the sliding glass door.
SWAT police team also smashed in the back window.

I made two videos. Do not do drugs in our neighborhood in Clearwater. Do not sell drugs in our neighborhood in Clearwater.

Here’s the other videoHere’s the other video

I’m so over all of this. About seven or eight months ago I asked him what’s going on here flat out dot and the queue said I’m selling PARLAY sports bets. It was funny because he was so mad that I was calling him out on it. I responded by saying that I’ve been to the Martin Luther King Memorial his Martin’s grave he just gave me this look. And yes, he’s African-American and I am white.

I’m selling parlay….

Sure Mac sure.