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Alfie the Beagle died today at age 11.5 years, rest in peace in Gods arms. December 18, 2011 to May 2, 2022. Here’s a song I have to remember him I will never miss the dance it was a long 10 years.

Listen to the music and I’m gonna write this this is the dog version

This is alfie’s last picture at home before we took him to the vet and said goodbye.
This is it mummy …. don’t remember me like this I want to remember the good times, okay.
This is alfie‘s last alert day about almost a week ago. Just stared at me and said mummy I’m going to the rainbow bridge soon so you need to stare at me so I can love you when you can love me and remember me like this.
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Rest in peace Alfie the beagle. December 18, 2011 to May 2, 2022. My tribute.

I still say I love this picture of my dog because he was just staring at me do you know this is the last time I’m gonna be on the couch and this is the last time that I’m ever going to actually stare into your eyes because I love you.
My husband stood with him and just balled his eyes out as we said goodbye because he kept having grand mal seizures on the table and he kept having a lot of bad things happening to him it was not my choice to do this.