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I almost don’t want to post this but… enough of Southern Rednecks with no education and self image problems….

I don’t think we need to be serious afraid of the refugees and all.  In 1993,  the bomb was on the Fed Building in Okie City.

The enemy is in the USA and not outside coming in.  I believe the majority of them are  the Mr and Mrs. and Miss Uninformed Redneck Southerner and EWTN SANS THE NUNS UP IN ALABAMA.

I almost don’t want to post this but… enough of Southern Rednecks with no education and self image problems.

I AM SICK OF THEIR  B.S.  AND how they handle people with degrees.  Why can’t they do better?

They don’t want to do any better.  That would mean they would have to actually write a paper and do ACTUAL WORK AND SHOW some serious intelligence.

Why can’t they do better?  Why don’t they want to do better?

I asked my late Uncle that once.  He served them as their doctor in a type of program that allowed for the payment of his student loans in exchange for being their doctor.  Yeah, Alabama.  It was something like that.

Okay.  Not all are like this, but it is all I see when I turn on the TV and go into low end Florida offices:  fat women with chubby cheeks with anti-education attitudes.  Some black women are just as bad because they’ve had to fight them.

I feel sorry for both of them.  Not one of them wants to expand anything except their short brains and short sightedness.

I know I’m being empty bucketland but I’ve already voted and well, I have to rant now.

I dropped one lady I will not name off at a community college once.  She even tested and wondered why I did this.  She had no intention of bettering herself. Many of them including her have this subservient ‘tude toward a Maaaaayaaaan and want to do nothing to help themselves.

I will never do that again.  I no longer want to be near any of them or their low end attitudes.  My close high school pal warned me years ago, beware, she said.  I am not naming names but this election has put their names back in my eyebrow up lane.

Two more weeks and this nightmare of an election is over.  Sigh.  The church people even turn me off with their on and on and on about how I should vote when I already have done so.

So, it is between them and other people that do not want to better themselves.  I need to ask certain fam members who live in the deep south how they deal with these type of insolent stubborn rednecks that irritate the NY in me so bad that I want to hide in the
Everglades and give them a long walk down Shark Valley where the Alligators are sunning themselves on a 24/7 basis this time of year.

They are not allowed guns there.  Those chicken slocks will have to actually walk or bike through the real Alligator Alley– all 15 miles of it.  It is part of National Everglades Park.

Got that?  Tell them to bring a book if they can read.  We doubt it.