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Day 14 of the Pinterest 30 day writing challenge = I have to describe “my style.” Truth is = I have to think about this one. I’m going to post this one Saturday morning and then gives me two days to think about it. Actually, I know I have unique style.

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Next on the 30 day Pinterest writing challenge = what are my favorite books? Sit down because I have a lot of them.

First and foremost, I will have to say I grew up reading “The diary of Anne Frank.”

That’s the first one that comes to mind and that’s what I’m going to put here.

Pretty good and pretty much what we call in deep for this one book.

Have even been over there to visit her house when I was very younger than I am now. I intend to go back there before I am 70.

Oh my grandfather in my dad’s side – his father knew a lot of people in New York. Great grandfather was Jewish and I fully expect that he knew everybody too.

I may have met Otto Frank and his cousin buddy sometime in the late 60s.I may have met auto Frank and his cousin Buddy sometime in the late 60s. my grandfather’s living room at the time was like Grand Central Station when he had visitors coming in and out of there because you were allowed to dialogue about things and argue and standby the fireplace and sit on the white fireplace while they ventured back and forth and intellectually past ideas around.

I also liked the Little house on the Prairie series books.

Readers I have a longer list so don’t think I’m limited to just this but this is

I’ll put a longer list some time . In a few months from now like the beginning of next year , I’m going to go all out ballistic and try to read everything that I should’ve read because I may be going to another advance degree. I know Walmart people don’t like to hear me say that but that’s just too bad because I tend to put vitamins in my brain and fill my mind up with stuff other than Tv shows like “Dancing with the stars”.

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Next on the 30 day Pinterest writing challenge is the question about what is my favorite TV series?

Ok, people I have several here goes .

1. Gilligans Island done done and there I said it. I used to watch reruns in the early and mid 70s.WTOG Tampa Saint Petersburg .

2. During the early part of my marriage in the late 90s and early 00s, absolutely loved “Mad about you” show because we were just newlyweds and I got a lot of jokes then because I was nearly married.

3. Once upon a time somewhere around 2005 or so the air-conditioning broke in our apartment and we just got out of the house because it was going to be a few days before a weekend was up .

So, because we live in Florida we went over to Orlando to universal studios Doubletree. That’s about an hour and a half away. My favourite show because we fell into by accident ended up watching Boardwalk Empire. There was nothing else on so it looked interesting and about the 1920s

We stayed in the hotel with a pool did Floridian things that Fla people do when they’re air-conditioning goes out of service for an entire weekend and they have to get the part or send out for the part..

Boardwalk Empire may not be the holiest of shows but it does tell a very good story about Atlantic City , New Jersey during the years of prohibition ..

I kind of like how it showed how there were a lot of people who had a lot of hypocrisy and thought they could do things on their own. Later in the series they had a part about Fla and was pretty true to form because there was a part of tampa that has history.

Moving on.

Then our TV broke.I just chose for a few years not to buy a new one because I was wasting a lot of time watching TV. My brother-in-law Boris that TV that broke and to honour his memory I chose not to buy a new one.

Right now, during the pandemic I’ve been catching up on Big bang theory because it came out when we got rid of our TV. Then I went to graduate school and I still have a lot to catch up on.

All I can say about TV.I am a clicker holder and shadow changer.

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The next day of the 30 day Pinterest writing challenge = I get to write about my sibling my brother, Jerry Jr, a nice guy

I will be short and to the point here= my Brother Jerry Jr. is not perfect but he is a very nice generous guy.

Brother, don’t worry I didn’t put your mugshot on here because no one will know what you look can get in and out of the public scenery without being hunted or hounded.

He is kind of a pro, ( his nickname) & is a generous funny guy. Oh, don’t mess with his Miami Dolphins or whatever sports he is watching at the moment. It would not be smart. Sure he has chocolate chip cookies and they are his and his his alone. A word of warning = do not bet him because he will see that as a challenge and want to beat the living money crap out of you because you have made that bad.A word of warning = do not bet him because he will see that as a challenge and want to beat the living money crap out of you because you have made that bad.A word of warning = do not bet him because he will see that as a challenge and want to beat the living money crap out of you because you have made that bet. My dear bro aims to win.

He is adopted too . I had just turned 3 when that happened. I remember it. I’m older by two years.

Like I said, I’m gonna be short and to the point. When I’m an old lady the one thing I’m going to remember is that my brother walked me down the aisle for my wedding. Our dad had passed in 1994 and a number of other contenders also passed. But he signed up for the job and tried not to laugh at the end of the aisle when he gave me to my husband.

My old car died once upon a time on the side of the road I called him he came to my rescue several times in my early and late 20s.

I won’t forget that == it was cool .

Funny thing is we went to the same high school and growing up.his friends became my friends because his friends were brothers or sisters of my friends and that’s how it works. It was a fun way to roll when we were growing up.

Oh the dear old boy who is now in his mid 50s is finally taking a break from all the worry that he’s had to deal with over the years.

Next to my husband and myself I think he is the hardest working person I’ve ever met. Never was a competition but I hope I’ve been a good sister to him.

I just admire how resourceful he could be well I was the young adults dieI just admire how resourceful he could be well I was the young adult. And all of my riding adventures running around the state of Florida, I think he quietly admired what I did. I don’t say too much but your eyebrows get raised a few times when I wrote something or did something pretty cool. Don’t worry I don’t want money anymore.

So dear brother, I’m writing nice things about you. I know you’re a good father to your two daughters, my nieces. That’s even better. You got a great sense of humour and you still make me laugh with all your crazy sarcasm. I’m still laughing at the memory of some of the stuff you pulled while we were growing up.

Oh, don’t worry I’m not telling the common world what you did because that’s between us. My dear Lawyer husband knows a few of the stories but what is keeping in the dust of the past.

If any of my bio half sisters or my half-brothers out there show up I’ll send them to you because they need to get lessons and how to be a good brother.

Thanks for the memories. You are cool and sometimes kind of inspiring.