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Happy 18th anniversary to the find me in Florida and find me in Florida again blogs. Here’s some history of how this all started.

I just renewed the domain again for this blog . This and its predecessor is not much to look at but it’s mine.

Another year! I have been doing this since 2003! I’ll be forthright about this I have lasted longer than some of them on the old Saint Bloggs parish . Google St blogs parish—- it no longer exists.

I have thought about moving this all over to YouTube but we’re gonna wait till the end of the summer for that. I’m going to decide after Labor Day about that. Even better, I may wait till after the first of the year 2021. I should also let every single person know here that I no longer type this blog out. I have an iPhone 6 that I talk into dictation style. Sometimes when I talk it doesn’t come out the way I want to so I have to edit it.

I kept going because I really didn’t make a big deal out of it. I changed the name somewhat. It used to be find me in Florida again. I had to change the name because I forgot the password completely. I don’t want to change the name completely because people knew about find me in Florida and what it stood for.

I started this in about 2003 right after 911 . I was working for the state of Florida health inspection office at the time. I just gotten married and was chilling for a few years to enjoy my life and my marriage at the time.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I was reading the Julia and Julie blog when she was cooking on her blog on Funny to say I lasted longer here too. I thought about having a blog where I cook group of 365 different ways because it’s a Florida food.

One way is good : grilled with fresh mango.

I had almost 25 years or near 20 years of working and I needed a break from my regular journalism life. I had been working since like 1984.

So, why do I do this blog? It really started when I started to see nobody really talks about with daily life in Florida is like…They all talk about where to go what to see what to do when you come here on vacation or visit.

It really also started when a lot of Catholic religious people that I knew started doing blogs after going to a writers conference in 2002.

I was more into daily life anyway. I am like my dad I do not like to suck up to anyone, unless there is real money involved & I can’t do prim or proper.

I think what I’m trying to say here is that what you see is what you get. I don’t like them many of them because many of them are too pretentious for my coffee cup. I had a season there for a while where I was going back-and-forth with the mommy bloggers . And there was another season where I was battling and trolling back-and-forth with the faith and family live online now defunct magazine, people. They no longer exist and I’ve lived past them in a few now-defunct blogs.they no longer exist either I have outlived you.

Now, I just give them all a catholic IQ test & I grin like the grinch because I know most of them couldn’t pass it.

Then there was an almost dangerous season when this Minnesota lady in the same area of George Floyd kept following me around on the internet. I seriously mean she was holding my neck to a chokehold online and following me everywhere like a hacker. Lash checks she no longer does that .

A sidenote, I actually called the publisher and editor in chief of Bayard who was the boss of Faith and Family live at the time and he told me personally on the phone that before they all knew that the online magazine was going to go under . Those ladies the homeschooling mummy bloggers did not. And of course, he laughed that I was trolling back-and-forth with them. He told me that he rolled his eyes about the stupidity of some of the things that were being written. He also told me he was from pittsburgh.

I did a backtrack on her recently. I just found out that she is now verry divorced after having all of her trophy children. I don’t want to sound mean, but 22 years.. married here… good . I do check on whether or not she is still chasing me around the internet. I threatened to call the cops and security on her a few times and I think that did it. No after the George Floyd incident Hennepin County Minnesota has mud on their face, not a true reflection of what many of those people could be like up there, but not as a general observation. Let us say I’ve known that some of those people NOt ALL, have problems up there. Oh yeah, there was another lady she was just as crazy.

I never ever ever ever ever would or have I ever followed anyone around on the Internet like those two did.

I will just say to my readers who do have faith this: you are need to pray for this crazy Minnesota lady because I saw what has happened to her since are used to go back and forth and I had to respond with security once upon a time about 10 years ago. I’m not surprised those cops acted like they did.

Add this: I want you to understand that a lot of mummy bloggers put their marriages last and their children 1st. Need to put your marriage first before your children. And those Conservative overdone mothers who panic at every turn of the Earth, there is no balance with you. There is no common sense with you. Pray about this people.

AH, the many seasons of this blog.

Then, enter that other season aka 2009 after my Grad School summer episodes. This our marriage episode season 1.a when my husband and I after near 10 years didn’t have any kids and we attempted to adopt. We didn’t get to do so because Part b of that was when my hubs Dad died of lung cancer. He left us a house where we had to get rid of just about everything because everything inside the house was breaking. There was no air for a solid three years in the Florida heat. Add this to him getting sick with diabetes complications, and a spice pepper of not being able to afford a new air-conditioning in a four bedroom house with a pool. Just saying, we sold the house and collect it every month. Stay tuned for further fun on that one .

Laugh people, open your mouth & take a breath . I have been doing that for three years now. Just paid the rent another month out here in renting land. I’m sitting here in a smaller apartment where the landlord just purchased another air-conditioning. It was nice two weeks ago when he wrote the AC payment check and I didn’t have to.

Maybe next year there’s going to be another crazy bunch of episodes where I get a Apple computer in a couple of long hard drives to store everything in.

That way I can do this YouTube thing a little easier. I’m not so fast to do a serious YouTube stuff for awhile.

My point? Daily life in Florida is not boring. Okay , I’ll try to spice it up a little bit more. How ? Our Beagle Alfie is hilarious. If we do a YouTube it’s going to be about him and any of his descendants. I just know this but we end up with a female dog next year.

I’m going to keep the faith element in here because everybody should have a little faith. Non-pretentious Catholic Christian is how it should be in a heat geographical area like Florida . Why? Where are sturdy like because we deal with heat, we deal with hurricanes, we deal with people coming in and out of here maybe more so than New York , Chicago or LA.

We have to be not pretentious because a hurricane wind will blow it away or the heat will melt it. Folks will see how things really are because you cannot stay in a hot car for very long with your nose in the air. The air-conditioning will break and you need to know how to handle things. Stuff will happen have to expect it. It is never like you think it should be here because there is a wind and there is heat and that keeps us real.

So now we have another year in a pandemic, after the season of George Floyd, and after a few other things that I cannot wait one day to talk about.

It’s too soon. But just wait . Let’s get over the hump of the summer.

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Tropical storm Cristobal is in the Yucatán peninsula down in Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico. Past slingshot affect history says we’re going to get some of this. But where is it going to go? See here. Also making comments about slang lingo and how we talk about hurricanes in Florida.

When you get here, I hope you speak English & .Spanish is also spoken. There are some Portuguese Brazilian people here. But pay attention! We speak a slang Lingo when it comes to hurricanes.

Category of hurricane. In slang Lingo is cat, which is short for category. It says when we say this we are out talking about an actual category as short for cat we say cat one, cat two, cat three, and cat 4. What do cats say when they talk? MEOW! This is what it sounds like in English.

So, cat one through four or even five, which is short for category, can also be choked as a joke meow mix one through five. Also Meow mix one to five when talking about how bad the Hurricane or Tropical storm is.

Then when you look at the map, you see these lines that look like pasta. Italians over in Italy and the Vatican could laugh all they want about this, but this is what we call it take a look at the squiggly line they’re colored and usually the weatherman in tv is talking about where it’s going.

We don’t mean pasta for eating either that is not food & we are choking joking that what it looks like in the end of one line is where it’s going to go to the end of the other line.

We think of things very differently in our culture because of geography and where we live.

I am reminded that about five years ago or so, there was a family that came from Nebraska& it was obvious that When it was a hot night they stuck their feet in a Disney world lake “to get cool.” How naive. We don’t do dat.

I have lived here for a half a century, & that’s something you don’t do at night —— EVER. Their youngest son was pulled in the water by a gator. Don’t let children near a lake at night when it’s dark in the water ever to get cool . We’re very conscious about things like that. We are even cautious about boat rides in the daytime. You always have to have a plan and that usually means keeping away from the lake during certain times.

Hurricanes, alligators, and heat and being cautious around the heat is part of living here. It’s how we roll and don’t !

Stay hydrated my friends! Have a plan when the storm might come in about a week from now..

Oh yeah, I think you know now why we stay away from lakes.

Don’t let the gators eat you. Have gator stew eat it before it eats you ! There’s also gator jerky my dog loves it. It has not eaten him.

Got that?

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I got to talk this morning people. Comments on The police protests and the pandemic and murder of George Floyd.

Just wanna be clear: I’ve been sitting here on my couch and my desk in my one-bedroom apartment in Clearwater Florida with my husband for the last week.

My husband has a diabetic foot wound and a wound care nurse comes every single day to change and treat it and change his bandage. We’re not going anywhere and we’re not protesting anything right now — yet. But after watching TV for a solid week in the evening, and after watching the murder of this man, George Floyd, I’m almost speechless.

There’s so many evil people out there.I’m almost almost afraid when I walk my dog in my own neighbourhood and some days ago some streets some days I just go across the street so he can do is business.

But now I have to say something.

I seriously have to say something.

I want to ask what can we do to prevent this? My parents always taught me don’t do some things it’s called social and emotional intelligence or the act of just being with it.

This man did not have to die —not like that.

Oh yeah , some of the things that I still remember when I have a car don’t have a tail light out, dont weave in traffic. And be a safe driver. Have some common sense not to go on certain, places. Hi, don’t be around certain people who are not stable and can turn on you in a dime.

So, I did what I could do last night and prayed like crazy in a way that I know how: I pray the rosary for these crazy people who did this to him.I prayed for peace last night that was all I could do because we cuddle limited on where we could go and what we can do right n

I don’t know , maybe it’s the best thing.

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Hey readers, I have friends I’ve known for 50 years!Do you? Amazingly enough this crowd graduated with me in the rain June 2, 1981! We graduated in a Florida night thunder and lightning storm on steel chairs. We are bonded fearless & because of it —somewhat still friends. Beware! Hopefully, we still have each others backs beyond the politics & pandemic of now. There are more people in this picture than some small towns in the middle of America. Our 40th reunion is next summer. #Passthemargaritas .

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Clarification regarding my last post.I need to be clear here about our little trip this past weekend.

I need to be clear here. We rented a car. Took the dog with us because we didn’t want to board him that was too expensive and he would have trauma & he is older and he would miss us.

I can hear my readers saying what or why in the hell did you do this last weekend? Why did you both just drive around Florida and not really stop anywhere?

I’m going to have to remind you there was a pandemic and social distancing is our policy. We are not getting near anyone & we can keep on driving. besides, there’s a lot to say around the state. And had a short time and we’ve been cooped up for 2 1/2 months and really wanted to get out. My husband was really climbing the walls because he is restricted to not use his right foot and could not drive. Doctor ordered him not to use it and stay off of it. It’s healing which is why he’s been chilling. It is healing but very slowly.

I ended up doing all the driving which was even more fun!

People, as long as I’ve been married and even dating my husband we took road trips and really didn’t stop anywhere we just wanted to see things that’s our style. We kept quarantine for over two weeks during the pandemic. Scott my husband is kind of under another type of quarantine, meaning his foot has a diabetic foot wound and he’s on the knee scooter so he was really climbing the walls. And he has somebody coming in to change his bandage and take a look at his foot wound on a regular basis.

We only stopped for gas and the drive through. I just drove by places just to check on what’s going on. We stopped couple times in a parking lot and so the road to see the beach.We only stopped for gas . I just drove by places just to check on what’s going on. We stopped couple times in a parking lot and so the road to see the beach.

From Clearwater, there’s only so many places you could drive to. The limit is about six hours one way and six hours the other way. And, if you stay overnight you’ve got a little bit more leeway and what you can see. Take a look on a recent map. Logically, it’s 4 1/2 hours five hours to the state line from Clearwater. Tallahassee is about six hours. Miami is five hours. Keys trip is a whole 7 1/2 hours just to Key Largo alone. To drive to the Keys after work, you have to use an all-night thing. Best kept secret is that I did that once with friends.I was tired afterwards. I didn’t get to Key West , we only got to the mid keys and we left about 7 o’clock after work on a Friday night. Face it people Fla is a long state.

And here’s a short short short video of one episode of when we stopped. Location? Flagler Beach Avenue on a side overlook! I had traffic coming behind me so I had to make this quick!

Here above I stopped for a little bit at Flagler Beach.

They are not the best for their prayer they are the worst! Samuel Clemens a.k.a. Mark Twain has but a lot to say about people like that.

Sometimes you have to have somebody put it best like that.

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Warning to all non-Florida residents taking car trips southbound to Florida on I 95: they’re going to stop you at the State line & tell you to quarantine. Also, here are my real thoughts on useless over churchy women. We should charge them every time we think about them or do what they say.

Seriously, they were stopping people at The Florida state line this weekend! I am told this was a preventative measure against COVID-19 ! t

This was one time I don’t have pictures of this because I was driving and trying to get over to two lanes of traffic while we were driving around North East Florida this weekend.

And not only that, I was going like 65 miles an hour and I was unable to take a picture of what I saw on the other side of the road of all the people going southbound. All the Florida Highway Patrol and other law people with the lights on were stopping everybody before they got to the Florida State line or right after the Florida State line.

It’s the only time I ever almost saw my husband near grabbing the rental car steering wheel while we were headed northbound on I-95. I was driving this weekend & he was relaxing in the passenger car at front. Moments later, the dog who was tethered to the back seat with a long leash put his paws between the two bucket seats and started barking. More seconds later, my husband told me to turn off the last exit before was the state line. I did and I’m glad I did.

Why did we want to go north? It was our 22nd anniversary.and we had not been legally north or outside the state of Florida since 2013. Last out of Florida was going to the Bahamas in 2013 on a cruise.

So as I was turning and going around the exit round off, I was rolling my eyes and going better luck next time. We knew we would have to come back in there is no way that we wanted to wait on that stupid line.

Yeah, better luck next time. Then I had to go to Amelia Island because we wanted to drive around, that’s what we do as a couple. We love crazy adventures. I love crazy adventures- better than sitting in the house watching Roku on our anniversary growing old and looking old. .

And my churchy mantra throughout this whole 400 mile 600 mile trip was this: if the church people harpies will not do this —-that’s why we are doing this.

I can hear the church Susies going on and onnnn and then going and saying scrupulously that we wasted money. There will always be the Harpies Who are secretly divorced and demanding that I do everything “correctly” to satisfy them because they are the ones who want to tell me what to do without a licensed God card. They lost that card and never had it. They secretly don’t want you to know that. We need to call them out on it asap.

They try to tell everyone what to do in a serious malicious patronising way. Oh how insecure they are! Oh yeah, let’s not forget how they say it to you in a sing song voice.

Tell you what, I can legitimately say that I did their way and now I want money —-lots of money from maliciously doing it so I could say I did it their way. My payback for these malicious pieces of garbage trying to tell everyone else and myself what to do. What, I think everybody should just hit them up $1000 a pop for every time you think about doing it oryou do it in a matter that would amount to what they say. Honestly, mousey frumpy and no one was to even see them into their church doors. Face it people, These people are not even satisfied with how they do anything correctly.these are the people that even though you do use a line lever to fix the picture the line lever is crocked. Every picture is crooked. They know they are crooked inside and have mental and emotional issues so they do this to get it out and make everybody else miserable.

To people who don’t go to church on a regular basis, listen up: The normal people trying to make do and be good and be kind to others in church —- we seriously hate them. Better put, we would like to take them at the door of the church string him up by their toenails & teach them a lesson. Call us when you need us because we will be there giving those other people wrong directions how to get back into church !

Since this virus has begun back in March, she is the number one bitch in her local diocese to complain that there is no mass and every single Bishop and clerical person is going to hell in a hand basket because she is backbiting and critical of everyone in the church including the Pope. There is no one going to heaven but her.

I can hear the church harpies now because as part of the store we went right by the cathedral of Saint Augustine.there is no way in hell or heaven I was going to park downtown saying because it’s $30 for two hours to park there. Residents in that city all have parking passes. Yeah, the cathedral was open for personal prayer and no Mass but I had a dog with me. He is a very loud beagle and he will in bark the living crap out of you if you had to hold him pulling your armpulling your arm outside the church because one of us will have to take turns outside the church. Why & how? Mrs Harpy. Would want one of us to selfishly go inside and make everybody else wait outside. This would be a forced martyrdom , just so you can get your prayer Frannie on and tell everyone about it. Oh yeah, Mrs God who is better than you church show off would you nothing but criticise her husband as to why he is stuck doing something she gave him to do. Nothing is good enough. And yes, he would be going to hell because she is always better than him and critical . She will be criticising him all the way back to the car which they paid $30 on a high interest credit card to park their car right outside the cathedral while she can get her holy on . In my case , my husband has a knee scooter because he has a diabetic foot word and the bitch will be criticising why isn’t it healing fast enough.?

No way was I going to be like her ! I didn’t even breathe but she would breathe!

Honest to God, it’s time to burn bitch witches like that at the stake outside churches everywhere. Or charge them for every time you thought about doing what they wanted you to do..

Time to get expensive make a accounting chart and give her the bill people! Make her go bankrupt —she is already.

I chose not to do Mrs bitch . The God wanted me to do and I kept on driving even though I got in the wrong lane and ended up having to turn around a mile down the road to go the other way north bound. And contrary to her, there was no fight in the car as I stopped for five seconds in the holy acre at Saint Augustine to wave. I can hear Mrs Freddie God loser now, Please stop get out. Me: “ no dogs allowed to walk around and sightsee” but I had our Beagle with us so that was not going to happen .

Oh, there was peace in the car without Mrs B. We kept on driving up to Nassau County because it had been years since we’ve been there my husband and I. It is near the Florida Georgia Line.

Please tell Mrs the scrupulous bitch Whiney harpy witch: I am not making a sacrifice to evil your satisfaction .

You might want to say Nana NANA boo-boo this is Jeanne Me is married 22 years! Trust me, most of those women are either single or divorced several times. They are the losers . Stay away from me if you’d do this !

If any if you find any version of her out there send her to me.

Maybe I’ll maybe I will maybe I won’t maybe I need to drop her off at the Covid ward so she can get the virus. And hear this: I am almost not kidding about that.

Or maybe I’ll go to the store and just buy some earplugs. That way, I could keep on driving around Florida and enjoy the scenery .

One more thing, sorry I don’t have any pictures when I’m driving it’s very hard for my husband to take the camera and use it because the phone was charging and well until I get a camera in another car, that’s about how it’s going to be.

This is personal people.I just made a resolution in the next me a marriage year just stay far away from negative people like what I described .