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Okay, you’re wondering where the church picture is? Gasp, I skipped this week. Skipped to clean my house because I know are you churchgoing people your house is all like hoarding houses in my house will be much cleaner than yours. The news of the week is that my husband bought me a brand-new dresser in the middle of lent. #It’sMineNotYours

I am so over the top sick and tired of spiritual Karens let my ex friend Miss MBC . And I’m not making excuses I just need a break every now and then I’m not like I used to be.

Go here go there and then wake up on Sunday to 3 cups of coffee sitting there getting my my brain around the fact that I have my brain it’s my brain not their brain.

Truth is this: The ultimate truth is this church in the last 3 1/2 or 3.75 years has become a political nuclear bomb. I go on EWTN I see Raymond Arroyo the SOB dancing and having political intercourse with the Republican party. All about worshipping Donald Trump and not Jesus Christ. It’s all about abortion and nothing about the sacraments. Trump is Jesus to them. Church after church is a hotbed of G period oh period P period politics.

Shove it! Some Sundays I get up I just don’t have the strength to deal with the old lady prickles and the narrow mindedness stairs I get when I don’t genuflect correctly or Neil correctly and the scowling church looks at 11:30 some mornings.

I have enough confidence to go into Gods office I got a confession and just deal with it there. I know I have to go but I’ve just done with all of them.I know I should say do I realise how many people feel like this?

Church to these people should be shut down you’re not churchgoing throats so they could feel better.

I guarantee not one of these freaks that look at you like you’re the devil on steroids has read today’s gospel dot. Most of these asshole jerks sit in the pew before church starts and read the bulletin because that’s my p

Meanwhile back at my alma mater, Franciscan University, there’s a rape trial going to happen in about three or four days . See what I mean?

Father Dave Morrell Ex ToR friar , has been indicted by a grand jury up at Steubenville Ohio for raping one of the students. The lady, a grad student, who I’ll just describe with a round face and red hair , I want to school after me, got pregnant after this rape.

I run online with other alum who rebel and call our own shots.

It wasn’t the real reason why I sat today out I just didn’t feel like getting up and going in there and seeing all the old Trainwreck old ladies over and over and over again.

There’s been a lot of that with me lately . I don’t watch TV in see about the Ukraine in this Russia thing that was a train coming with no direction.

Truth is this, Trump and Putin have been friends for many many years. When they elected him they did a dance with the devil . I think you are seeing where Putin is really coming from he said a bum to maternity hospital. Tomorrow morning I need to call LifeSite news and find out on a recorded line what you really think of this?T

The assholes, yes I said that, assholes Who supported Trump in the previous election and the previous other election, just have this empty thing where they don’t read scripture, they don’t really know how to pray, they’re empty as crap .

I am fine and done with these people.

I needed a break from church this weekend. I’ll pray but not by them .

Zzzzz time for a nap .


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