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I’m sitting here on my couch asking myself what do I think of this news that a former friar sexually abused a student at Franciscan University. Oh? He only got five years. Here’s the story there’s more to come today. Now that he’s is a convicted felon & there’s one less Conservative jackass to vote Republican. Here’s the story from source WTOV Steubenville. has further comment.

I think you know now why I skipped church yesterday and I don’t give a shit. I’ve gone from being overscrupulous to hit or miss and I keep my cards on my spiritual cards to myself. It’s how I roll now.

Dear US CCB, gentlemen we need to clean house you need to get rid of EWTNs Raymond Arroyo and his over-the-top snarky I know everything and I do everything better than you attitude period, this is what the problem is everybody believes them nobody just mind their own business , does what is right and everybody puts up with this shit.

That guy on EWTN is what turns these people into naïve total empty heads.

Good, maybe my alma mater will be normal now . They charge enough now. Even the non-religious people don’t do this.

Okay, well we’re here I’ve got a very true story to tell. The order this guy comes from a very mixed up .

In 05, when I went back to grad school just to have a Masters degree so I can eventually one day start my PhD, they did something very awful . Being a married person, my husband went up with me during the summer that I started that endeavour.

I had a fast track program . It was summer and they wouldn’t put both of us up what are we considering married housing for one night. Every semester of the summer is for four weeks. That means that I was gone for two weeks at a time with a break during a weekend in the middle. They wouldn’t even put both of us up in the same room even though I was married. Speaker conference speaker Ralph Martin and his wife got put up for five nights in special quarters . We only needed one night before my husband cut his plane the next day.

What did I do? I smiled in a snarky way, and then got on the Internet and ordered a very nice weekend at Disney with some of my leftover school money and put it in their face that I got a discount and they wouldn’t. Florida discounts for Florida residents are gems. Guess what? The girl who made a nasty comment that I wasn’t living the Christian way is now divorced with her husband. She married an ex soon to be priest who wasn’t a priest because she married him and now they both have to follow a parenting plan by the courts. Why they got divorced? She was from Arkansas I couldn’t have it clean enough. I fully expect there was some serious issues to begin with. Does the word maturity mean anything to you?

Enter the guilt and shame that we wanted to have private private time with each other before he left and cut caught his plane back here to Tampa Bay the next morning.

Do I regret doing this? Not one little bit! I said to myself I didn’t go to noon Mass when this convict was urging me to go. I don’t regret it because now I have a 3.8 average so I can get into a PhD program. Well I may be working with my husband and his legal practice for the time being, I still easily could get in with the graduate assistant ship on top of it because I have a semester of college teaching experience added to the rest of my repertoire.

Have I thought about suing the order of friars who run my alma mater? I have a 3.8 average and I missed mass then.

My little answer? I have a 3.8. I got mine. That ex priest has a probation officer.

I have to just also at the fact that they run around saying abortion abortion abortion is wrong but they’re screwing around with the students heads and everything else!screwing around with the studentsI have to just also at the fact that they run around saying abortion abortion abortion is wrong but they’re screwing around with the students.

During the last semester well I was finishing my Masters in education after teaching for at least 15 years, I injured my ankle really bad before I got on the plane to go north. I was hobbling around up there and I went into the infirmary to see what they could do to wrap my foot. Even though I got a snooty attitude that if I went to a doctor I was committing a mortal sin. Carry your cross was the answer I got from the head nurse. And they were very ambivalent as to whether it was a sin or not a sin to go to the doctor. All doctors are mortal sinners and convicted felons because they’re all doing abortions, was their viewpoint. They had students walking around saying nobody should have insurance because the people who told him to say that we’re all insurance companies that made donations. It was 2008 and this was during the affordable care act debate.

I said that while I was looking at my foot while trying to finish my last semester of graduate school. I asked her to come out and take to take a look at my swollen foot . “Do you see this? I asked. I am barely walking on this but I’m gonna finish because you’re a weenie head and you would never finish like I’m going to finish. I am going to walk out of here in heels on the same foot in designer heels and you’ll be a frump for the rest of your fucking life. Hmmm, going to walk out of here in heels on the same foot in designer heels and you’ll be a flop for the rest of yours.

And so I did.

Phd, next. I’m more than likely I’m going to apply at the end of the year somewhere local in the FLA. I have even thought about law school but only if they foot the bill cause I have a serious GPA.

I got mine . He has a probation officer.


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