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Rules for lent 2022 when approaching me. The next time you will see a posting is next Wednesday. I’m off to the writing races.

Okay God, how do I do this?

First of all everyone I am not you. I will never be you I don’t want to be you. I am related to two bishops. If things get involved don’t make me call the 2BP mafia duo. Oh really called them but don’t make me do it. We have an unwritten agreement that I don’t say who they are unless we absolutely godforsaken we need to do so. I think they just I don’t know what their deal is but I would like to be able to move in a room without The fanfare.

I just don’t do all the formal stuff to some of you do. That the drives me crazy.

I’m a big fan of St Therese the little flower little way.

I’m not a fan of being micromanaged but someone who thinks they’re a spiritual Catholic to tell me what to do. They do not know better. I’m not a big fan of Latin Mass or kneeling before statues or being picky sticky about every little freaking thing!

I am a big fan of going to Mass, talking to God and listening to him all day in my heart that are pretty progressive when it comes to all day prayer while I’m working. I am a huge fan of total faith integration in everything we do in a quiet way.

And, I always get the idea that those people who kneel before statues that’s only time they pray. Case in point, about two weeks ago I go to old-style church here in Clearwater and there’s like three people there kneeling before three statues in the back. Goes the question in my head before my nose is this the only time they pray?Goes the question in my head before my nose is this the only time they pray? There, I said it twice for emphasis.

Queue the laugh box. Knock knock who’s there, empty head! You’re not home I guarantee it that’s the only time you’ve prayed all week?

Hot dang, no wonder why you don’t get your prayers answered.

Usually these people cannot under any estimation or overestimation beat themselves. Laughing about anything for them gets a frown and everything is a mortal sin. They need to be dumped in the Gulf of Mexico or some water body and be told to swim and be themselves.

This late it’s going to be live on the scene do it and just shut up about it, and make it a prayer.

I am going to try and attempt to pray the rosary every day with my husband in the evening. I already read the readings every day most every day . You know the ones, if you’ve been here long enough , I put the Catholic Church readings on here sometimes .

I’m not very big on reciting somebody else’s prayer written down when I figure in my head in my heart you can just read them really quick same same result. I’m also not very big at drama going on and on asking for things because I know if you work your butt off sooner or later you get it .

I was in the charismatic renewal for years in the 70s and 80s. That means others Pentecostal churches I get it but I don’t go there anymore.

I’m not very big and emotionalism so speak. No, I am not a big fan of all of that . I’m a huge fan of common sense. And I’m a serious huge fan of simple favour get it done . K.I.S.S. Means keep it simple simpleton! Yeah, I’m a big fan of that.

I will say just the last time from now. I am not a fan of Latin Mass because I don’t see the need to talk to God in another language when I could be myself and speak my own. I like being an intellectual. But when you’re talking in a prayer and trying to understand and acknowledge concept, it’s better to just do it in your own language that you do it every day.I’m not big on complicating prayer. To me, that’s what these people do . I have fantastic language skills and understand root words and everything that goes with that . And normally, I can look at all that Latin and blink right through it without a problem. I understand every single bit of it but my vocabulary stinks but I understand what you’re trying to say when I read it. Why makes something longer than you have to ?

Take a good look around people, do not have time to do or understand & go on and on with your bullshit.

And there are serious reasons why the people around you do not go to church. And there are serious reasons why the people around you have least dumped you somewhere and just still you don’t get it. I try to speak extremely real and things in there are very down to earth. I believe in being approachable to people and I keep my sense of humor. I am very very down to earth most of the time or try to be.

I try to keep the drama out of my face because if I see somebody doing something or pushing me to do something I start praying for heat And for God to melt them in The Florida heat . If you ever want to see a northerner who is stuffy about their face they push to be real put them in 105° heat in a Florida summer and have them do everything they say that everybody else should do .

I swear and I declare they will get away from you as fast as possible when you follow them and they get rid of all of their picky sticky stuff . They’re not real. Most of them belong to some kind of cult. They are not aware of this.

But I’m going to stop looking at all of them and all of you and only post on Wednesdays. another words, everybody I’m really going to take kind of a break from blocking for awhile and I’m just gonna let you do that on your own .

I will be back every single Wednesday morning just to check in with something. Unless this Ukraine thing gets out of hand and I’m not even gonna comment on that.

I’m going to leave the link for you to do the readings on your own and I promise not to micromanage that.

I’m going to get real here. So every Wednesday I will be posting pictures from the week.

No, I’m sorry you won’t get to read the book while I’m writing it and the writer who has any dignity would do that because everything is a work in progress.

My goal by Pentecost to have a United States copyright. And why am I doing this book thing? Because it takes discipline to do something like this and I might as well put something to use that I need to get done because that in its self is a prayer because it’s difficult. It’s something that has to come from me and my very self!

I just have learned during grad school that if you get up early and you look within yourself and not others and you meet a deadline yeah it’s it’s cool.

And I didn’t start right away when I did the grad school thing in 08. Took me about a week not to look at other people. Isn’t that what everybody does? Isn’t that what they think is LENT? I’m gonna try this for four weeks along with the inside prayer regimen that’s simple and I’m going to leave a link for everybody to follow along while I’m working.

And when I wrote the book for grad school I had another class I had a Advanced technology class in the afternoon so I couldn’t sleep the whole day after I was a good part of the night getting it done.

I still have to run my husbands legal practice. And for this, I’m going to have to work out some kind of hourly alteration for this . How about I check in every Wednesday and put a couple lines of before I do this and after I do this my week starts on Wednesday I don’t look at any of you and I get done. So that’s two lines a day basically were two paragraphs a day before I get up after I get done report says two paragraphs a day plus actual writing while you are out for reading the readings for the day .

Nice part about this is I’ll probably end up really being myself by the end of this Lenten season. There’s a lot goes on was running my husbands practice and I’m thinking how do I creatively do this? I’m gonna have to do it for like five or six hours a day marketing for 15 hours a week. There is a lot that goes into the marketing for the practice itself.

I’m probably going to have to keep a log of this.

Wish me well. Here we go & all that.

I have questions like how am I going to get everything in his practice done and do this at the same time? maybe just write a to do list of how long I estimate it’s gonna take for me to get all of the daily tasks and cases done? When is gonna be a front page and the other one is going to be a Backpage. Both of them are still a page both need to be done.

Okay, my readers here’s the new rules . Every single Wednesday you will see a link for the readings you’re on your own. I’m going to run it like mate like I expect my students to check in every day and I’m going to be my own student and just check in with discipline.

Last line wish me well the link for the readings will be up on top of this posting.

See you next Wednesday! Happy first week of lent or half of week of lent.

And, go!


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