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It’s official! I am seriously going back to my writing roots . And I am one year solid after leaving a low-paying long term teaching job. Guess what? If I don’t look at other people and family , I’m happy.

Okay people this is how I feel after working 40 years. I’m not getting any younger.

I need to get my own computer and finish this dang book.

. Never gonna please everybody but at least some wisdom will be put down for what it’s worth.

Those ultra traditional people are gonna bitch and moan about my lent anyway so let’s just get this thing done.

I may not be writing on the blog here for a long while I’m here. At least I won’t be so negative . I’ll be here often on maybe once a week on Wednesdays. I’m gonna try to rise above the trump bullshit. And trust me, that’s not easy it’s just a waste of my time.

What’s really going on as I did a whole several months of free writing now. Gotta edit the stupid thing. Because you get really concentrated and turn it around.

I’ve got up to 35 chapters maybe less to finish this thing. And, I’m trying to run my husbands legal practice . I’m certainly not going to be telling you what this book is about. I will say that it is written more than likely in the first person and a kid is talking about what is happening.

You may like it you may not like it that I don’t care I’m not sucking up to anyone and I am going to make sure it gets done.your name is not gonna be on it .

I can say one thing. Where in the hell were some of you in the late 60s and early 70s?

You are not me and it’s actually happened.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.