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Attention Kentucky GOP and Sen Mitch McConnell: A Florida Publix supermarket is coming to Louisville Kentucky pretty soon. Go to the deli and get a Publix sandwich.there’s brain food in their sandwiches. Also, you’re going to have sticker shock when you get to the checkout lane & this is not Kroger. Bring money. If Mr. Mitch thinks he has all that money that somebody needs to fill that SOB when he goes grocery shopping he doesn’t have the money he says he does. If he eats grouper frozen grouper from Publix, something might happen #FloridaGasp #TheBoyCanLearn?

Why ask why? Dumb dumb’s that live in Indiana can cross the state line and actually eat Publix food?

What? I get a free cookie at the bakery? Don’t do it Boris don’t do it withhold your cookies from Mr. Beedy eyed special glasses.

What you get a sample at the deli? That’s gonna cost me lots of money when it’s actually free but it’s still gonna cost me money.

I can hear those Evansville Indiana people threaten to down that road go and what I have to get more cleaning products. And I’m sorry to tell those Bogo people that they’re not gonna get that concept.

Bogo is buy one get one free. They gonna be saying it over and over again . Slowly say it you may have to do so.

Since pot roast land it’s not gonna understand why we have to eat grouper because I do a lot of that. and they’re not gonna understand why there is no pot roast in the meat section… It won’t compute.

And since it won’t compute to them and there are tons of stuff that people here won’t get but. We will get it and they will get it so there’s gonna be a lot of Ohio River Super market I’ll think about it throw my ass in the Ohio river whatever. It’s location and experience that will put the shock of God into those people at the checkout counter .

Somethings that they should know and my readers here should know that there’s a nice food and then there’s Fla food .

Florida Food = grouper frozen food section near the seafood section, Spanish rice, Black beans in a can, go to the Spanish section and get some body marinade that has garlic and citrus in it. I don’t know sooner later they’ll understand a few things .

Oh yeah, they give samples after they cook a meal and let you sample it .

In the deli, they have Florida fried chicken complete with plastic already prepared salads in the deli case. And potato and macaroni salads are excellent!

It’s the first time that Ohio and Kentucky State line folks will ever see high-end foods. At least, that is my guess & that the horse people will probably be able to afford it but I highly doubt the Social Security check people will because the sticker shock is going to make them explode… And since most most of them are very overweight, it’s it’s gonna be interesting.

Stay tuned because there’s not gonna be any pot roast on Sunday they don’t know how to cook.

I’m lmao. Well I can take comfort that Publix usually opens a cooking school right nearby…It’s time to get educated!

Stay tuned. My guess is this is going to change the election because once you start eating our food , things happen


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