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ST @ Abortion is pretty much banned in Texas. Can They GOP handle it? Here are my thoughts on this and how I’m gonna handle it if it comes to Florida. Hypocrites beware!

Are they trying to make money off the babies they think they’re going to adopt out? Honey, they are going to be so many single mamas running around with big hairdos in the state of Texas in the next 4 to 6 years. And they may go bankrupt trying to fund and trying to support the single mamas who have no sexual self-control & can’t keep their pants on .

No, I’m in Florida…My state legislature is looking at this. If they do or they don’t , that’s besides the point right now because it’s very preliminary where we are .

Meanwhile across the Gulf of Mexico, those conservative budget people better start thinking bigger than their state because it’s going to be absurd that people do not think like the 1950s or early 60s anymore . They’re gonna have to pay for all these kids being born.

Mrs. church lady Beavis and Butthead had better not start putting words in my mouth .

Here’s your grand warning. I suggest you read this extremely carefully several times over and over again as I know you are inept& incompetent and cannot do so carefully.

I don’t get involved in this abortion argument anymore. What? Why?

Hear ye hear ye I’m 58 years old I’m so over all of this since I was 10 years old .

Husband and 23 years in the Roman catholic church could not have children. You bunch of freak out hypocrites we’re not there to supervise and make sure that we got children . You bunch of freaks failed failed failed failed failed! 

Are genitals did not work correctly so we would produce children. You did not supervise our adoption to make sure we would get a child thought you did not pay as a living wage to make sure that we would get a child because they’re about $30,000 for a baby adoption.

You bunch of sick weirdos failed failed failed failed failed failed failed failed.

I’m not the weirdo, you are. What the F did you do with all that money that you did not give us?

No look in the mirror because somewhere somehow we’re going to take your picture put you up on a mug shot because when you criticize me I’m taking your picture and I’ll put you on YouTube. Do you know what I’m gonna say? Look at the failures because if you criticize me even a little bit with a smirk, game over. You technically are gonna wish you never walk within 500 feet of me.

I’ll put money on it that my 80 something-year-old mother feels about the same way. She lost my brother in 1978 through in a eCoptic pregnancy and other complications, there was nothing but fat ass church ladies criticizing her for having surgery that was approved. I will not forget my little brother even though I never got to meet him. Quite frankly, I’ve been thinking a lot about him lately.

One thing I do remember very clearly: she came back from that surgery not one of those ladies helped her. All they did was criticize her with their bubble headed 50 brains & said words that didn’t make sense .

OK Mrs. Beavis and Butthead let me give you a word of warning right now. 1. I can write whatever the hell I want it’s mother mean I paid for it. When you pay for this domain at $180 a year then you can tell me what to do. And by the way, I’m not excepting any payments because you are who you are. 2. All you corporate people in Texas had better be prepared to offer a serious amount of maternity leave. 3. If you don’t offer Medicaid for these children who will be born you got to see a lot of dead babies anyway. Prenatal care is expensive.

I could list more things. But given the fact that Texas is what Tx does and not times out of 10, they don’t help people . And really what I’m saying is they are hypocrites central as far as evangelicals are concerned.

Paying for all of those children it’s gonna come straight up got there not gonna wanna do it.

And all I am saying is this : it’s gonna cost you several million dollars because of what you did. I hope you guys are willing to pay for it because I’ll put a $1000bed out there that you’re not willing to pay for this.

Let’s get a few things straight I’m very pragmatic I like the idea of more kids.

I wanna tell those critical church people don’t be stupid around me or my family because the sense of loss has been so much that it’s gonna be major pushback on this one. Don’t even breathe I think a platitude because I will take it to the next level.

My mother reads this blog. If you think I’m mean? You should meet her.

Don’t put words in my mouth because I guarantee somethings will happen if I ever have the privilege of visiting across the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t start giving me crap about no children .

If you approach me it look like you’re about to criticize me for not having children that I cannot have you going to have two things happened to you.

First of all, I’m gonna take a film of you criticizing me for not having children and I will get your name, your address, your phone number and your license plate on the back of your little overpriced car that you didn’t donate to these mamas.

I always have pen and paper handy. I will make you write it down of how you’re so patronizing with me and your sing song voice .and then, I’m gonna put it on YouTube and I’m gonna go crap crazy I’m not other people see what you did to me. And if you walk away you still get your fat Mrs. Thunderah Karen hypocrite Prolifer self filmed with your car and your license plate. You can probably expect other people to get injunctions against you.

You will have to get a lawyer it will be $2000-$3000 for you and you are indecisive on how are you don’t want to pay for it. Me? I’m married to one.

People, I’m extremely pro life but in a different way. I get real . I don’t let people micromanage me . I’m not gonna start a fight but if you give me that patronizing look after church at coffee and donuts , I’m headed to the parking lot and I’m gonna get your car tag photographed it’s going to be interesting! Then I’m going to photograph you driving away in a weenie spineless manner that says oh hot air no spine.

Regarding why I cannot have children it’s not of your damn unholy ass business. I’m 58 years old and I’ve been working longer than these sluts have been alive. I could also check your background because 90% of you are divorced and have fights with your own children.

My friends and I are going to take the hot air out of your hypocrisy and make you regret even breathing your hypocrisy.

There, I said it. It’s my domain and blog . I can write what I want .

Let’s just put it this way you play this game with me you better watch out.



I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.