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Regarding my abortion post about Texas, here’s what I’m really saying. On the title here = I’m 58 and past menopause, all of this doesn’t count me for me personally, Houston you now have a problem. I’m in Florida, thank God.

This is part two of a previous blog entry. Texas is no way ready for what they just got thrown on them.

And I’m gonna make it very clear here: you are not ready for what you are going to be forced to do .

And everybody and all those conservatives over there in the Texas Bishop land had better understand a few things with me.

I’m not scared of you. I will have the strongest words for every single dioceses over there because you are not ready for what you are going to be asked to do.

Bishop Dave your babysitter just checked in. Remember people I’m about eight years older than him my family knew his family before he left Florida to go be a bishop over there.

I hope you have money. I hope you have a lot of money for the people who will be begging for help or those you will try to help but cannot.

Because my clarity needs to tell you upside the back of the head . You are not prepared for the magnitude of the people you are going to need to help. Once again, you are not prepared for the magnitude of the people you are going to need to help.

And my sarcasm just kicked in and I will just say it like this you are not prepared for all the people you are going to try not to help..

And you can come at me are you want to but I will just say this: you people barely help the Mexicans that are trying to come across the border and you don’t wanna help them?

I am just going to set straight up they’re going to be millions of children handicapped, they’re going to be millions of children addicted born to pain pills, drugs, cocaine, and poor mothers you never got in the first place so that’s why they got themselves pregnant .

Get ready to see some serious LA West Coast gangs several years from now because I got News for you you didn’t want to help any of those inner-city people.these babies who will be born well not all have a white face that you could barely stay in the Mexicans just get ready to see a lot more darker America in Texas.

I mean this you hate the rap already but it could get even nastier soon because nobody wants to help the intercity people start taking up aggressive issue it’s like oh Jay we got rid of abortion now you’re on your own where can I help you God helps those who help themselves .

Okay I’m cheering you on in a neutral way. You fought for whatever it is you think you fought for . But but did you go the whole distance and really help these people or set the motions in place to help these people beforehand. You try to send them to a woman’s home but you’re not helping them in the day in and day out which is why they got there in the first place..

Dumb but you didn’t think this through because there’s about to be an avalanche of people at your door asking for help and you’re not gonna be able to help’s gonna make you look very very bad because you did not think it through.

You can’t even help the Mexicans at your southern door what makes you think that you’re going to be able to help the people that come to your door because well they have a crisis pregnancy and you can’t help them in a full and complete way.that is one and you’re going to say that it’s evident that your Christianity needs a serious amount of work.

Okay who’s evil another thing to think about your governor is a multi millionaire and you have a serious amount of coronavirus cases over there. yet you’re still charging for Medicaid people I know this I just know this.he’s not take how about they take it out of his check and everything they do over there to provide medical care for the women who are going to come at your door and say oh I’m pregnant I need you to pay for me to have this baby .

You know I’m right you know it’s gonna cost you serious amount of money.

Okay you Gotta have more babies but no one is going to care about whether or not Mrs God who smiles at after church coffee and donuts and her spiritual pride beyond the beyond she’s gonna die of’s not gonna make her a mother it’s going to make her look like a jackass die because she’s 90% just about having everybody look at her and not really helping anyone..

Most of all it’s this, mothers everywhere and people everywhere I’m gonna put guilt trips on people like me . Saying that they’re not going to pay those peoples bills that they’re going to say look at the child is couple and force them to adapt when they have no business doing so.

Coffee and donuts hypocrite mamma is already looking at everyone like they’re beneath them so what makes you think they’re going to help any of these people on a regular every second daily basis?

Texas you did not think this through chat at all .

Oh yeah, don’t you dare come at me and accuse me of bullshit childlessness when you damn well no know you failed the last 20 years of helping me .

I’m still gonna remind you all of those children at the border or not white so they don’t mean anything to you because you’re still have them there and you don’t do dumb shit to help anyone of them in the first place before all this abortion stuff.

Just gonna rephrase it very carefully here: your plans sucks.

If it was so great for me to have children where the F are you 20 years ago when we were trying to adopt? Sticking your ass in everybody’s face to show that you’re better than everybody else?

My friends laugh when I tell the story I called the diocese office before the current Bishop. How can I adopt and how much is it? I was 42 years old.

The pro-life office of the diocese of Saint Petersburg got on the phone with me and said oh it’s $25,000. take a mortgage out on your house and go in debt to pay us. How old are you? You’re 42 too old. Damn you to hell you little shit.

I had only been married 6 1/2 years at the time.

They wanted me to take a mortgage second mortgage out on my house that I did not have at the time.

And here’s another point: these women are already getting money from state and federal welfare and Medicaid so why the F do you need more money in the first place?

How much do you pay your staff? I don’t wanna pay what they make. I sure as hell not gonna pay their salary .

This baby obsession is going to be very evident in another form they don’t want to help people they just want money and they just want to be bloomed with pride so they could stick on themselves for them.

But they need to remember the babies grow up and become social problems .

You better think this through a fine democratic process you got what you wanted .

Buckys is not ready to give grandma all these children because Mama can’t support herself at the local gas station because that’s where a lot of this on educated women are gonna end up going.

And Friday night lights little cheerleader who can’t control herself is going to find herself in a lot of debt in jobs in his little itty-bitty small towns in the middle of the TX .

God Bless you people because I’m telling it like it is you better really think things through over there.

And tell that Bishop that when we taught him not to cross the street because he will get hit by a car they’ve got Mac trucks running through at 10 and it’s not gonna be a pretty picture don’t go in the street again because unless you have money to stop traffic.

You are not ready for the traffic that is coming because of this ruling.

It’s not a time for pride because of your little token that you think you achieved.

You assholes had better be ready for action because the line is getting longer and you are behind now.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.