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News Source USCCB website: official word from the American Catholic Bishops as to what that document about Biden communion was and wasn’t! My opinion: it’s too hot to have a fight and they’re actually NOT gonna do with the conserves & trads want. I think they’re shy from being connected with hardliners& Trumpers . Stay tuned. The soap opera is getting funny.

Download their official statement and see what’s really going on . Personally I think you should read between the lines. I could just see the treads and conserves steaming with steam coming out of their ears from the summer heat .

Back to your regularly scheduled fourth of July preparation a week early.

Honestly, in all my years of covering faith issues this is the weirdest and the funniest aside from other scandals. I think they saw the ruckus and found that they had to say something and Biden called the Pope and they just looked at the temperature it says screw this I need to make a statement. I don’t wanna have to face anybody at a barbecue at the 4th of July or get blown up for the fireworks because of some political statement. d

If you really wanna know what this is all about, take a look at my previous posting from yesterday.

Around the time I went to Franciscan grad school to get my Masters degree, our local diocese of Saint Petersburg published “Living Eucharist”. Here is a copy of this you can download I hope that comes out something like this what the USCCB publishes.

Here is the link to that above .I hope the link works otherwise, comment & I will send it to you.

I also believe that this is what they’re going to draft up.and it’s going to be a little more concise and teaching document more than what I gave you here in that link.


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