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I have a serious problem with some church leadership not all = USccb some bishops. They’re too centred on abortion and not as social justice which is truly and fully tied to the reason why women do this. Also have a problem with how many of them voted for Trump the adulterer and the liar who mouth that he was against abortion . Track record?! Liar!

It’s getting bad folks.I’m normally a sweet spiritual. Easy-going practising Catholic person but I was such a problem with how these people are voted for Trump last November.

I don’t want to say this it’s affecting my behaviour . On a one through five scale I would give it a four. My big saying lately when I decide to be bad or mean or rotten or lying for any reason whatsoever, Trump did it why not?

I know I’m not the only one saying this. hey they literally worship him he’s like God to them he’s like the fourth person of the Trinity.

Maybe I’m doing all of this to prove a point, but I literally mean it.if Trump can be a bad ass or a rotten SOB, then why can I go away with it he doesn’t have to go to confession.

Regarding the bishops catholic bishops of the United States of America, they must believe just about anything.

I mean don’t they teach critical thinking skills in Rome? Or did the SOB pay them off to do what they did? I’m going on and on but it’s for a good reason.

And furthermore, I hope our local Fla guys a.k.a. The Florida Catholic bishops conference didn’t vote like I think they might have.

Maybe I’m the one that needs critical thinking skills because I’m on a wing and a prayer right now and I keep telling myself that any document they draft up on anything has to be approved by Rome period, period.

But in this case Rome specifically told them not to get political and sell like or even be suspicious that they were going to ban Biden from communion.

Did they listen? I’m shaking my head no. I voted for Biden and I make no mistake about it.I am fully ready for the earthquake of Rome coming back at them and every step of the way.

How am I qualified to comment on this? Yes I wrote for a catholic newspaper for 15 years every weekend from 1985 to about 2004. I pay the light bill for many many years.

They make no mistake about it that is self righteous SOBs I was just self-righteous and flagrant about their own sin of pride because one of the proponents of this wonderful document has a DUI.

So, even though I’m away from the scene of the journalism so-called with they call liberal crimes, – I’m gonna it like it is like I always did and always do .

I don’t like abortion no one does . I also hate pride even more. I don’t like how these so-called what I used to think were mart men snapping their noses has started every single politician who tries to work with the system to make life better.

And it’s no different across the street at the Baptist Church a.k.a. the southern Baptist Convention. those guys even haggled it out even more so at their convention about the same week or within a few days of the USCCB zoom meeting.

This week is the USCCB religious freedom week observance. You can religious freedom me all you want to but when you start condemning someone just elected, I have a serious problem that you don’t just sit down with him to talk about this .

Regarding Trump, he’s not even catholic yet you’re more than likely let the Lorrier go to communion but she is committing adultery. I want somebody who’s got a lot of time on their hands to check every single one of those 270+ dieses and father did she ever get an annulment a catholic okay that she could’ve married him? How are they married? Who married them? Was any of trumps marriages annulled by the system of stating that there was no sacramental marriages in his previous marriages?

Oh yeah, what about his mistresses now you are dead well as well as I know Damm well he’s paid for abortions for some of them.and you dare will know who use contraceptives why he was porking every single one of them.

Someone else with a little more time on their hands needs to mail the money trail to Rome and that’s our next scandal.

Regarding the Eucharist, I don’t like when I put words in my mouth and tell me what I believe without them knowing who is that who I am.

About to get extremely seriously real here.Ok, here’s how it is. o

I am 57 years old, born in 1963. When I was 18 in 1981 I started going to mass Catholic Mass every single birthday minus 1 year when I met my husband. I didn’t go on to church on my birthday that very birthday but I made up for it the next day.

All you readers out there under 40, I have a pretty good spiritual bank account for the past 40 years. now if I didn’t believe in the Eucharist, why in heaven hell or the universe where are we doing that? My track record speaks for itself. Along with working longer than crazy millennial’s have existed , I’ve been going to Mass on my birthday longer than they have been alive!

Regarding whether or not people really believe I don’t think they’ve been given a chance to believe it coming to get a politician is not an instructional synthetic method of showing what’s really going on here.

What I’m saying is this: it’s not about externals boys it’s about what’s in your heart. I don’t even think you listen to your lady people because you’ve got a stick up your ass. I also don’t believe that research was done correctly.

I like to know who pays the bills at the PEW research? I bet serious money and a night out at Disney World then it’s tied to Republican fun money. I mean my journalism nose feathers are starting to ruffle at what’s going on here. I know I will find something funny I just smell earthquake I smell corruption I smell all kinds of crap that shouldn’t even be taken at face value without being totally investigated in a serious way. .

Enough said! I’m just waiting for the the big boss at the big house in the Roma to come back out with a fricking diplomatic flyswatter .

And since I was not baptised at target or Walmart, I have equal footing with them in a lot of ways.

My constructive criticism goes as follows . Our diocese of Saint Petersburg had a wonderful document that was written about 10 years ago.

Go-ahead draft about the Eucharist that’s a cool thing to write about. but at least give people some instructional sentences about the relationship with God before you start work in a newly elected president.

Here goes a story I need to tell everybody that happened about eight or nine years ago. A priest that was that our wedding came to speak later our local now retired Bishop came to speak also.

I didn’t go to this function which was a dinner for the laymen to fellowship. . My husband was in the middle and he said he heard all kinds of idiot comments like why is he not speaking out more about abortion? And the guy kept saying it over and over and over again and over and over and over again.

My dear hubby I’ve doneover10 years just looked at the guy and said is that all you can say? What about poor people? I’m seriously wondering what nursing home the old guy is in now?

I’m not Billy Graham and no I don’t wanna be the catholic Billy Graham. Commonsense would tell me your relationship with a God and people should be loving to each other. Okay, there are some externals.but the internals that propel you to act and behave in certain ethical means and ways that mean you do not lie cheat and steal and go back on your word, says everything! It also means that you have such a relationship with your creator that you don’t have to lie to get your way or go back on things to get your way.

What am I talking about? i’m talking about a relationship with a God try own where we all except the fact that he loves so much he left a piece of himself in his son right before he died and that is the Eucharist.

And Eucharist means Thanksgiving! When you think God wouldn’t you believe that he is there physically in the gift that he gave of himself? Come on, most humans that have any intelligence could research that.

I m talking about a relationship with a God Triune. Where we all accept the fact that He loves so much he left a piece of himself in his Jesus right before he died and that is the Eucharist. Homework people: look up ZWINGLI. Go on google and look up history of the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

Give people a homework assignment to look up things teach them how to research things online and I guarantee make them own it.

Make them do some walking for it. Synthesis is the highest part of learning. I want to tell the dieses catechesis director they need to come up with some kind of online search party so people can actually find out what good sources are and bad sources are.

There’s too many Walmart hourly low educated people in the church they poo poo everything and run away from everything because they can . No one & nobody makes them will do the walking nobody makes them have a relationship with discovery and with discovery, be faced with a choice of to whether to believe or not to believe .

Allowed to be on the basis of prove it and it makes them go back read the early church fathers and see what everybody before the Middle Ages believed .

More homework. Google this = miracle of LANCIANO . Google this: Eucharistic miracles. Google this: first Corinthians mention of the Eucharist. Google this : John six the whole chapter.

Do that every day for 30 days think about it in your mind make a relationship with what you read don’t run away from it and you’ll see something different that I can’t talk to you about because it will be very individual light inside your head in your heart. that every day for 30 days think about it in your mind make a relationship with what you read don’t run away from it and you’ll see something different that I can’t talk to you about because it will be very individual light inside your head in your heart.

If you are going to put words in my mouth please don’t do that. Just repeat what I just wrote in the previous two paragraphs.

Regarding abortion? as a woman who is married to a legal guy & ex state prosecutor in Florida, if and when you do make it illegal what in the hell or heaven are you going to do with all the people who violate this? They don’t have room in the prisons as it is right now.

Conversion experience? How about trying to teach them what you’re trying to teach them and stay out of politics.

Back to who is pushing this, the Bishop guy at West in diocese of San Francisco has a dui on his driving record. If you wanna know who it is, here is your other homework assignment : comment here and I’ll tell you who it is you can go look that up also. I want to know what was going on beforehand when this occurred?

I learned over the years where ever there is straightlaced people, they’re hiding something.

And I’m just going to say & close with this. You people in the pew are no less than they are no less than those bishops are and I will tell you this you have rights in the church. To all the NONES non religious people who walked away in absolute frustration, you don’t have to take things at face value but you do have a right to discover things on your own in a valued way with good research skills taught to you. It’s the same research skills the college educated people know how to use when they write a paper in upper level of the bachelors degree.

And whether or not Rome is going to come back at them I can count on it in every step of the way. They told them not to do it and they did it anyway . These people are hiding substance abuse and all kinds of Nanas stuff before they start pointing fingers at someone else let Joe Biden or anybody else they have a witchhunt proposals to do so. Don’t know what happened to the puritans who did this in the 1600s witch trial in Salem. Nothing good came out of it.

Stay tuned! Got that?

Hold my orange juice. I wait to see what Rome does.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.