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New Weekly series =“ My Wednesday,Hold my Orange 🍊 Juice, people. series.” Every Wednesday , I will have several questions to ask. This from a person who likes answers to common sense Qs. This week’s focus asks why some people in church are the way they are….

Hello out there all you NONES. I get it. I get why you’re not inside church .. you don’t want to be bothered with all the micromanaging the bleep lips do to you .

Trust me, it is a full-time job to stay here sometimes. It’s a wonder after this last 4 year Trump et administration situation that anybody hasn’t killed everyone and done a lot of worse off things . I get it. I really get it and all that of the jerks in church—not all of them are jerks — are awful . I throw a blind eye around here because of the heat outside during the summer months . I see too much coming in the side door from outside this area. Another words, the parish I belong to now, is in the middle of a tourist area. We see it all. I see all the nervous behavior when it comes to kneeling and the in ability to not be themselves in an unknown atmosphere where they need to be themselves.

Hold my orange juice, I’ll be right back after I discover why these people are nervous all the time when it comes to praying and saying what they feel in their heart to a divine being?

I went up north about let’s say 12 years ago. During my graduate school time, I saw a lot of nervousness at Franciscan University when it came to churchgoing from too many millennials. It seems that the millennial‘s parents, the baby boomers, which are people older than me, only told them about subjects pertaining to church. It was more head knowledge than heart knowledge. Because there’s a big ditch in the middle where the prickly people live . Pharisees live & over emphasise correct Pharisee living . Honestly, there have been too many of them in the last 40 years. Evidence? Moral majority and Ronald Reagan.

Then I don’t . How could you live life on rap music and stay so superficial and not think deeper than what it already is out there? I get it, I know that most of you wanna piss them all off.

But then I get it , again . There’s got to be some individuality as far as having a relationship with the creator. Got to be some personal discovery beyond what people tell you. It’s got to be some determination after your research.

I’ll give you my orange juice if you piss them off I want everybody to piss both sides of this off and everybody to go out there be there: creative selves.

This is one in the middle of the week . And every week I’m going to put deep thoughts and say ‘hold my orange j🍊 juice people.” What does hold my orange juice mean? I live in Florida and let’s have some common sense about this and examine it further! Let’s burn it off with the heat of the day and summer.

Another words, it’s too hot outside to be stupid. Got that?

This weeks topic is “over the top and bad church behavior.” See the book I’m reading below. A friend of mine on my Facebook group told me about this. It deals with abuse after Bad leaders from covenant communities from the charismatic renewal in the 80s 90s and early 00s. There are some Parish stuff going on that state things about peoples freedom that should not be stated.

Twisted Scriptures is a book I am going to be reading this summer about spiritual abuse.

Now there are sometimes you should listen to commonsense from some leaders. But you don’t have to surrender your entire freedom to them for them to make decisions for you.

Add this to how some women walk around church thinking okay I just got a divorce or an annulment so will walk around like a total stupid dumb clock to help people feel sorry for me. Hold my orange juice!

Yeah, hold my orange juice! Why the hell do they look soooo frumpy? A good portion of them are overweight or fat! Why the hell don’t they conduct themselves like they’re more with it?

Hold my orange juice! Yeah, here I go.

I’m not naming names because you wouldn’t know her anyway. About a year ago, I noticed an oversize lady standing in the back of a cry room late to Mass with a Latin Mass piece of lace on her head?! There was no kid and no one else around.

Why? Hold my orange juice!

It’s too hot in Florida to be this stupid.

Don’t even turn on EWTN and get me started. Okay, the whole operation is in Alabama a place where it’s hot. Do not hold my red ultra red hot dog where they’re made up there. Oh yeah, that hot dog stuff, they put ultra red number five inside their hotdogs for some stupid reason that it goes to the brain and makes them do stupid things. You cannot be yourself when you eat that stuff.

You cannot talk in a regular way you have to say things like, “ worldly allurements” and “ I am not allowed to be happy in this world.” Follow all that stuff and you will be saying that in the next five minutes. ‘Cording to them, God doesn’t like you so you have to be like them. Be uncomfortable, dress a frumpy look like them, be boring, make no one want to go to church because it’s all like them and not like you. Oh yeah, play the same movies over and over and over again over and over and over again every single Saturday night at 8 pm. Variety and true creative efforts to them is of evil means because you can’t control creative people like someone surrendered totally to God.

Okay let’s get a few things straight. Real creativity does not look like them. The opposite is truly controlling restrictive and boring to a point. I emphasise the word restrictive because it just seems nervous when they talk . They have to say it a certain way like a script that doesn’t allow for any spiritual individuality that has a real relationship with God. Somebody somebody who has a real relationship with God is really not worried about what other people think, is not hesitant.

Okay, I want my 🍊 Orange juice back. Are these people insane? All they ever do is overemphasise babies.

If they are so worried about babies rights and abortion, why are not more people adopting? I have a challenge for all of my readers out there & they’re probably not connected to church.I like it better that way . Most of those people that over emphasise this life stuff, have some serious mental health background clearance issues that keep them from adopting . So, because you cannot be yourself, people like that overplay correctness and being the Pharisee that someone wants to beat the living bleep out of.

Hold my orange juice because what are they hiding? Get out there and do background checks on them make a list of everybody who’s pissed you off this week about over emphasising everything!

Embarrass them for making you feel small. Do not take any more bleep from any of them ever!

While they’re saying the glass is half more than empty, it is more than FULL!!! How is this? They are focusing on what is not there = negativity! What or why are they are focusing is what is not there? The Creator is still moving and things are still happening, and they’re not in control of Him that is still making things happen.

Hold my orange juice, they are not in control and I have to remind me self that is how it is all the time.

Most of those correct people are absolute stinking chicken wimps that are spineless to the core. They go their entire life by a script that’s not original. They want the adulation of others that is not real love.

One more thing, tell those ultra correct Catholic Pharisees I like to challenge every single one of them to a barefoot hot tarmac contest. Every time they try to correct one of us here for doing something they consider negative or empty, or something that they don’t like, is an extra 10 minutes on 100° F day on a black top barefoot versus us doing the same thing.

One more time: how about a contest Floridian us versus 🆚 up north you you outside hundred degree day in the sweating hot heat? The one who does not flinch with your feet being burnt wins a free ticket to a highly coveted attraction in Florida.

I like to call all of those bloggers are used to troll and challenge them to the above said contest.

Most of those are used to troll spineless noncreative chickenshit who did nothing but complain of how bad the church is.

I’ll put a wager of $500 on the table that most of them will be chickenshit and back out.

A side note,regarding giving my freedom to anyone else for them to tell me what to do, mostly it’s not happening in a micromanaging way anymore. We don’t wear sweaters here or sweat like you want us to-have our sweat micromanaged. My viewpoint of the Catholic Church in Florida is not perfect but I think the heat melts a lot of BS away.

For the record: I would say 80 to 90% of our guys in leadership are pretty decent. The sex abuse scandal of the early 00s pretty much cleaned out the bad , hopefully.

Yeah, I’ve had an attitude about this since I got back from my wedding anniversary. For the last week and a half every single night, I’ve been riding on this.haven’t eaten nothing but Italian food and watching reruns of the Sopranos, which I did not get to see you when it first came out because I was a newlywed in 1999 and doing, other things.

True, the mafia is an evil organisation . But, I have to admire one item of how things are done with them — their assertiveness!

I’ll slurp on that pasta & drinking that orange juice with some of that sangria.

I’m not going to hold your orange juice because your flight or your plane or your car is calling it’s time to end your vacation.

Pass the Italian food, my husband said as he went to the next episode .

I think the orange juice is all gone.

Until next week, my glass is empty.

I went back and edited this my last thought is this: people get real, be real be creative!


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