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Zoom court day for my husband, a Fla Atty. Do I wake up my beagle ? And how do I do it? See this cute picture of our BEAGLE.

There is a Florida rule among the judges, they shall not have a barking dog in the middle of court.
To solve this, we put this beagle in a plastic crate and shove the plastic crate in the back. room where they cannot hear him with the door closed.

For the record your honour, tell the judge we did this. I am not working this dog for another half an hour.that’s when we’re going to do the grand 930 shove.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.