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Definite environmental disaster ahead! Where? Just south of Tampa Bay ! Two words: Old Piney point fertilizer factory stack! This is gonna make COVID-19 look like childsplay. Trust me.

Gov Ron says one thing and does another. There is radioactive water in that fertiliser factory stack that still there. The factory is no longer there but the stack still is.There is radioactive water in that fertiliser factory stock that still there.the factory is no longer there but the stack still is.

I hope the regular people out there understand what’s going to happen here. You heard it here first on find me in Florida. Our so-called dick shot pro-lifegovernor is NOT doing enough to save the day. Because he doesn’t live here. He’s not a pro-life governor because when the fish die in the water gets radioactive into tampa bay people will get cancer & homes will be destroyed and and and flooded.

What does this mean for our beaches? Lots and lots and lots of dead dead dead dead dead dead dead fish. There will be dead fish everywhere and smell like you have never understood what smell is. There will also be some serious dead birds. It’s going to be worse than oil spill.

Do you know how serious this is? This is why I cannot support this Republican governor—- he has lied & he has taken money from businesses it’s bad folks you couldn’t see extremely bad !

People they have banned helicopters flying over it at night time ! And hey don’t want you to see what is going on here they’re trying to hide their shit.

It’s going to blow! Trust me on this one. Where is this people who do not live here? It’s just south of the sunshine skyway the big bridge that spans Tampa Bay this is really bad.

Back in the day, my we used to vacation on the island at the bottom of Tampa bay was called Anamaria Island and Longboat key. This is going to destroy my old childhood paradise. This means restaurants bars family ends every bit of paradise that was our beautiful beach in about 2 to 3 weeks destroyed from this flood.

You heard it here first.


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