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Trump didn’t care about the little guy! #Trump2020ppl #NutProLife #NutJobs this if you’re still allowed to be here…. Melania had an expensive handbag the last day in office more than you make in a year most of you.

Melania has a bag that’s worth $50,000 more than most people make in a year in America.

Sure as hell not pro-life ST

I’m sorry that’s why I voted for Biden. I don’t just vote for someone because of one item.

Hey take a look in the mirror folks or take a look at what they did on January 6.I couldn’t even begin to say how I wanted to throw up when I saw Trump & Jesus? since when is a rich man with Jesus?

The last thing I’m gonna say for a long time I’m trying to move on. so it’s 3:45 pm right now, and I should be at church or confession as scheduled or planned. No, I’m not going where I should I go when there is no chance are not going either even though they point the finger is that me every single time.I’m not talking to the non-Catholics here I’m talking to the Catholics who think they know better than everybody else. I think they know better and or a higher authority then the Usccb USA bishops.

I think we saw evidence of what they’re really like !

I’m trying to move on! But why even show up at church if those people are going to be there and give me hell about the lease minute thing. In other news, I sold like rusty rusted out bottom car last week for $500. To get anywhere nowadays I have to take an Uber ride or a lift ride. I’m going to save my money and until those hypocrite still up to give me a ride and put duct tape on her mouth, no go.

Add that to the fact that Hub and I have yet to receive COVID stimulus one or two.

I could just see their faces when I say this .



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