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Day 30 of my messy desk and a four day MLK vacation = it’s 48 hours until President-Elect Biden is in office. You’ve got to read this I’ve been holding back for months. It’s going to take more than healing to fix my lack of trust in Catholic humanity after Trump is gone.

I make no apologies for this desk because it’s just about how I feel right now after the Trump administration and the fools who rented the capital.

It is what it is and their fruits came very evident with violence to the mirror of this country who is watching all their bullshit.

To my friend Lisa = I told you so . I told you this was going to happen .

Imagine you are me… Go ahead just close your eyes and imagine you live in Florida and for the past four years every time you go to church outside the door a weirdo people hounding you telling you that you’re not pro life enough, you don’t have a child, or something trashy like that..

After the Trump administration I no longer trust any regular lay person over the age of 60. I generation is fine except for a few weirdos .

I had to do a lot of thinking before writing this one.

First of all this new year has brought on a lot more change than just before the 2005 return to graduate school part one.

There’s still stuff going on in my life I’m teaching at an elementary school right now, possibly covering for some expectant mother . My dog is getting older . I am getting older and thinking if I don’t do somethings my opportunity window is closed .

But the last four years I shutter to think what kind of garbage has happened . It has changed my outlook on everything. We’re going to get extremely personal but I will share a few things.

I no longer take advice from extremist clergy on a severe basis. I don’t totally throw them in the Gulf of Mexico. But a few of them have evidential support for Trump . Our guys here in the diocese of Saint Petersburg for the most part or I should say, about 65% of them have a brain in their head. It’s the ones with the Internet accounts that I have severe problem with. Or it’s the ones that have severe support for EWTN including Ray Arroyo who seems to like support trump way too much. What’s wrong with him?

Yeah, imagine if you were me walking out of church usually minding in your own business by going to coffee or donuts after church and living dangerously by going to coffee and donuts after church, hearing judgmental thunder for some from some older person who can’t make up their mind because they’re scrupulous in OCD with severe mental health issues. Mind you, everybody tells those people how to think they’re like Baaba black sheep.

Most of them who are winter residence come down here and actually say the word crisis in church I pray for this country, they don’t know what to say & they’re scared of their own shadow.

File my injunction against them quick do it quick & call the judges in my county . We need a hearing immediately to keep them away from me.

It’s going to take a long long time before I ever trust any of those people ever ever ever again. Because of the January 6 invasion of the capital, I got on the phone with one of my bridesmaids and basicly told her to shove it because I know she supported President Trump.

I’m on the phone scenario = “ oh dear Jeannie he’s so pro life,” she says on the phone. There’s a shutter in her voice because if she doesn’t say that they’re going to come after her and cut her line off from going to heaven.I’m on the other end and I rolled my eyes severely in the back of my head like I was having a smart ass seizure of common sense. Eco me telling or asking her what the hell did he do for the pro-life movement? She’s told what to think she can’t make up her mind she’s absolutely godforsaken told what to think because if she makes a decision and she’s wrong she think she’s going to hell because she’s not performing a ritual of mental health and sanity.

So folks sad but true, I told her I don’t wanna see her anymore for a very very very very very long time.

I Reiterated that this man who’s leaving office is a liar and a thief. There was more hesitation in your voice like if she said the wrong thing she really is not going to be a child of God…Nothing like being brainwashed. Do you like not even making your own decisions and not being really sincere and knowing that God still loves me no matter what I vote because they lie anyway.

I couldn’t believe my ears when she just went on and on and told me well I don’t think so in a singsong a wet voice that really made me wanna puke.

No one said a word either and told her that it’s gotten to the point where I know she supported those people who made a raid on the capital and that you need to have the FBI at your door.

I said the F word and hung up. Momos not sorry for that because quite frankly I made a decision to say that word and hang up.

Obviously, I think my husband was mad because he knew that I had a friendship I don’t know why I had a friendship but I had one.

And father clergy Senior, if you’re reading this no I’m not sorry for doing that that man made me shutter absolutely shutter to the point of no return. That SOB president did you all like so much, has been married three times that he’s had failed businesses, and other things I could give you a litany about .

I can’t go back to the way it was when I believed every damn last jerk ass politician when they say something.

I’ll be 58 years old this year and it’s time to make my own decisions.

I’ll be driving with my husband in a little divine help. Come to think of it, I sold my old car today it may have been a bad decision but I made a decision. My lack of hesitation got me from point a to point B and his current job that I now have .

Another thing, all the bitching and moaning about 2020.I actually enjoyed myself this past year. Back in the late 80s and 90s I had a lot more happened to me than just A 2020 type of year…I have seen worse much much much much much worse.

Can finally write about it now given the fact that I only had a journalism degree and I was determined to rock some miles of experience on my résumé, so I did just about anything I could to stay in Florida. I think my LinkedIn reflects it because I kept persevering and persevering and going and going some more.

This meant that I had to deal with a lot of sucky editors and work a lot of temp jobs just to get my experience under the bad light of a lack of emotional support from my family who basically had a lot of scoring for me for whatever stupid jack ass reason that they did have the score in for me.

So when I couldn’t find something in my field and because I wanted to stay in Florida, I had to take a lot of temp jobs because I just didn’t have the patience to wait it out and go for a job during the no Internet season of my life when things turn around a little quicker because of the Internet.

Yeah, at all the cars that got stuck on the side of the road with no cell phone, & no food bank to go to.

You know how it is when you don’t get support emotionally from a family member or two, they have baseball bats and verbal ways to attack your self-esteem.

This my reader darlings, was before I was married.

Then back in 1987 after buying a Mustang I had a car repo d due to the fact that the job I had didn’t pay enough money. But I survived…No drama there. I actually had more fun afterwards. The car that I got to replace it was run into by someone in the middle of the night when I had it parked on the street . It got paid off pretty damn quick because the guy got charged with the accident and I wasn’t in the parked car.

What I’m saying is it that 20 and 30 somethings do nothing but bitch moan and beg for their trophy. True, many of them are good and don’t do this but there’s a good majority do .

Hey folks I don’t need a trophy. I’m 57 years old eventually these people are going to get where I am and I decided they see that it’s not all what they think it should be.

As for the bad bosses over the last 35 years, they’re higher on the food plane or the train all the insane things that Trump did.

How I need to start naming names= Katrina, Bill, and, a dozen other temp job people who are real SOB’s back in the day but now higher on the food chain than Donald Trump. That says how I really feel about someone I’ve never met that has scarred the oxygen in this country that we breathe. Forget 2020 —-that was easy having Trump for president for the last four years was horrible.

These crazy crazy crazy ex superiors are not that high up there but they didn’t last for the four years that Donald Trump did. I cut them out of my life real quick one way or another.

One in particular thing is that I have vowed to myself and to the rest of the human race that if I ever get a PhD I’ve got a pop up out of nowhere and make these boom boom‘s call me doctor just for the thrill of it.

I know it’s not Christian but lately I haven’t been too Christian because I figure what the hell Trump gets away with it. Many Pastors who support trump Christianity are going to hell in a handbasket. More evangelicals support him than a lot of our Catholic guys . It’s already been to prison Jim Bakker of the former PTL club who support him. It’s kinda the con job supporting the other con job on the back.

I’m saying it’s kind of like a foggy night you know it’s going to clear in the morning when the wind comes or the rain comes is somebody shooting deer, except that the deer you know is going to be shot in the ass even though it’s running away.

So we know Trump is leaving. Here’s the deer that’s running with the buck shot in his ass. I will say it again he’s worse than every bad boss that you’ve ever add every single stinking bad boss that you’ve ever had.

A word of caution = they’re not that high up there on the food chain. I think they’re higher up there on the food chain then a lot of the scrupulous OCD people who judge everyone else. I’m shaking my head at the whole damn thing.

OK , so we’re doing this recipe of description. And we’re getting severely real and telling it like it is . here.

And just maybe maybe maybe when we shutter after he gets on his plane and head to his little minute kingdom, he can’t tell us what to do anymore or they can’t tell us what to do anymore, we take a breath of fresh air.

Add another of my promises to humanity these people will never ever intimidate me ever again .

I always wonder what 1945 was like. I mean how did people survive World War II? Was is this what they felt it was about to be over?

I shake my head because if anybody does anything of any judgment whatsoever anymore which includes saying over and over and over again that the church is in crisis, what about the babies, or anything like that that seems like extremist Catholicism to the point of weirdness, I’m just gonna tell him we saw your picture on TV charging the capital on January 6. Do I need to call the FBI on you , so be quiet?

I don’t know if they’re going to have the right to life march how can I have a right to life march when there’s so many troops surrounding Washington DC.

I’m going to film it. Just try to talk to me about any of this in person. Gonna take license plate numbers & I just call the FBI. I don’t care who you are I don’t care if I’ve known you for years it’s over.

I can’t wait until Biden gets in office I’ll cheer for at least 25 minutes .

And then I made a decision to stay away from people who would pull me down caused me to worry and be scrupulous and doubt my faith.

Goodbye Mr. Trump people with your stupid flags and ammunition and all your jack ass Manners .

N0 hell way are you people Christian.

Yeah, moving on. I feel like I wanna cry after this is over with I know a lot of people feel the same way.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.