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Day 15 = 30 day writing challenge from Pinterest= “ if you could run away, where would you go?” I just did it my husband and I went for 24 hours in the middle of the week to Palm Coast /Flagler Beach!

This one was an easy one, “if I could run off where would I go?

Because I had to have a rental car for another Erin that I had to do this week, my husband decided to take advantage of the rental car and take a little 24 Hour Dr. to the other coast = Palm Coast Flagler Beach!

That’s where I would takeoff to in a short time because it’s really pretty, and not much to say anything else about it, but it was nice.

Sorry, no pictures you guys have seen this dozens of times, so I’m moving onto the next topic.


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .