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Next on the 30 day Pinterest writing challenge = what are my favorite books? Sit down because I have a lot of them.

First and foremost, I will have to say I grew up reading “The diary of Anne Frank.”

That’s the first one that comes to mind and that’s what I’m going to put here.

Pretty good and pretty much what we call in deep for this one book.

Have even been over there to visit her house when I was very younger than I am now. I intend to go back there before I am 70.

Oh my grandfather in my dad’s side – his father knew a lot of people in New York. Great grandfather was Jewish and I fully expect that he knew everybody too.

I may have met Otto Frank and his cousin buddy sometime in the late 60s.I may have met auto Frank and his cousin Buddy sometime in the late 60s. my grandfather’s living room at the time was like Grand Central Station when he had visitors coming in and out of there because you were allowed to dialogue about things and argue and standby the fireplace and sit on the white fireplace while they ventured back and forth and intellectually past ideas around.

I also liked the Little house on the Prairie series books.

Readers I have a longer list so don’t think I’m limited to just this but this is

I’ll put a longer list some time . In a few months from now like the beginning of next year , I’m going to go all out ballistic and try to read everything that I should’ve read because I may be going to another advance degree. I know Walmart people don’t like to hear me say that but that’s just too bad because I tend to put vitamins in my brain and fill my mind up with stuff other than Tv shows like “Dancing with the stars”.


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