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Next topic on the 30 day writing challenge = the power of music!

Music can be pretty powerful when I want to get going and do something.

Music is extremely motivational!

Example is when you get a holiday like Labor Day today.

I have a long cleaning list that I was going to get to today. Now here it is 2 o’clock, & I haven’t even started.

How do I get motivated? I’ll put my favourite tunes on.

I wish I was more sophisticated about this blog thing I like I could let you guys listen to the same tunes I listen to today.maybe later I’ll do that after everything is cleaned up and all the stuff that I want to do is off my list.

I Think the ultimate motivational music has to be Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s like jazz or blues it goes right to the know you’re probably not supposed to listen to it or back in the day, they weren’t supposed to listen to it because it wasn’t holy enough, but you do anyway and you get more work done.

As I said to my husband, I’m about to get something done I’m off to the races and it’s time to listen to the music.


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