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Day two of the Pinterest writing challenge = things that make me happy!

It’s going to be a short & long list on this one so get a cup of coffee, sitdown and enjoy!

Politics are not included in this one , so it’s going to be a break for everyone.

What I’m about to order doesn’t mean it’s the most important item I’m just going to start seeing things after top of my head.

To do this, I had to put music on to get myself relaxed and away from the weeks and weeks of stress leading up to the end of the summer.

Number one== listening to music and daydreaming pictures in my head in a creative way.

Number two = not worrying about whether I’m doing something right and just doing it. My thought process then? I’m doing it it’s not yours, it’s mine.

Well, I think about number two, something that really makes me happy is knowing something that’s all mine . I own it , I share it, you enjoy it.

You can also put playing music there in that list. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14. I got rid of my guitar. I had my uncles guitar for years and I gave it back to his son because I will leave in my heart he is the rightful owner of something that was his dads. My cousin Lost his dad in 97 so I thought that he is his Dads guitar. My wonderful uncle lead to my dad and I made sure that his son my cousin got it back.

I also used to have a cello. I had to get rid of that to pay a serious bill 2015.

I have every intention in the next year of getting all my music instruments back. I fully expect I’ll have nicer versions than the ones I got rid of all of necessity.

Wow, this is a hard list because I’ve been in survival mode like everybody else for the past six months.

So in the middle of all of this list I want on iTunes on my phone where I have all my music instead of singing along with Linda Ronstadt. Add that to my happy list.

I think I’m happy when I’m making a serious amount of money and I feel like people don’t take advantage of me. Thats when I get out of extreme survival mode.

About 2 1/2 years ago I went on This was after taking a DNA test. I had Cousins is coming out of the woodwork that I never knew. The greatest joy of this was getting in touch with about three of them two were from Ireland and the UK .and the others were from the United States. When I first looked at who was who it was very very interesting because I didn’t know which side of the family everybody was on. Okay folks I’m adopted so this would mean even more than me. Eventually one day I’m going to visit in person . The really funny part is that my biological father who I never knew, I met his cousins before I met everybody else. A distant cousin in Ireland of my biological mother emailed me first before everybody else did.

I know one of my ancestors is Norwegian so I’m waiting for that part of the family.


Next on my list is the obvious.

I live in Florida . It is ours. Face honey, it is mine. I’m kind of proud of that. That means that all of that Florida in the United States here has to offer is mine.

What is that have to offer?

The beaches, The northern Florida Springs, the crazy subtle roads that only I would know, Interstate 4 & any Ospreys atop the powerlines midway, are all part of living here.

I have to salute Disney World and universal and then now closed Cypress Gardens and all the land surrounding it is part of my happiness list.

I have some serious memories there too long to list of my friends growing up.

I think you know how it is you have your old lifetime friends that you can really be yourself with and giggle till your stomach hurts.

My husband of 22 years can really make me laugh. I love his silly sense of humour and I love watching him laugh at a movie. Hey folks, that’s half the fun he has a great grin and smile.

A little star note here! I think this pandemic is put everybody in survival mode so much that you forget what makes you smile.

Now if you’re an atheist I respect you. If you’re in agnostic a respect you are so you have your reasons.

But I believe in prayer and I think there is a God out there. I do believe there is a God who laughs at us. If you’re that uptight we can medicate you.

Take a look at all the things in nature that make you smile. Then, look in the mirror.

This is just a short list for now I have to think about this I may make a longer list later.

I’m after cleaning on a saturday. While that’s not something that’s going to make me happy I’ll be happy that it’s done afterwards!

Stay tuned for day three. Topic = a memory.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.