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I can have all the funny MEMEs this summer. But people we need to really talk. Here’s why I am very alienate it by the church people who support Trump.

No picture here of people == this is serious.

I just keep telling everybody on Facebook and social media this one quote: “ tell me when the Pooh is over.” And I keep asking myself is it over yet?

My husband and I are doing well because we are in our 50s and we know how to survive pretty much almost anything. Remember now, we’ve lived through the 80s economic crisis and the early 90s . We had a break from 92 till about 2001. The 2001 thing was all the shuffle about 911 and the twin towers.

I am so alienated from the garbage that’s going on. I am so throwing my hands up at some of these people who consider themselves Christian, yet they follow a man that has been divorced three times, & and married a nude model at that.

Just hear me out.I’ve lived in Florida for 50 years.I’m from New York. You can tell somebody that’s going to be a pandemic but when you live through it it’s another royal pain in the ass. Is a whole Nother ordeal to actually live through it .

We can survive anything done yet Fla right now is right up there with being number one in the world for Covid cases. I question their sanity for starting school next month. Our school district in this county went online the last semesters for the start pandemic.

Pray for us here because it’s gotten pretty bad here.

Yeah, we are pretty educated and we’ve survived and pretty much can survive almost anything. But remember now, we are putting a mask on and staying away from everyone. If we did travel as we did in the last few weeks we go to a county that’s at the bottom of the list.

I don’t like to be quarantined . I don’t like staying at home I would rather be at some nice cold Florida spring swimming away from everybody else.

But we are doing it. Know what? I’m actually enjoying my summer.

I actually did a couple DIY improvements. I redid my desk. All of my files are almost done. It is about 80 % done. See that gap ? I ordered more coloured files everything is going to be colour-coded and perfect according to me.

I don’t have time for nonsense. All of those bloggers who I now call

Wow this is almost as good if not better I should put this a Pinterest

Church catholic Ms. & Mr Karens need not apply. Unless you have one of these walls don’t even breathe in our direction. You get it?You get it?

One more time: all you Karen type people need to take note that no one is going to listen to you anymore. It is you are not welcome . Nor is your opinion.

I’m going to wear my mask, I’m going to stay inside, & I’m going to finish my writing projects.

Oh yeah, I also have a room divider that I haven’t used yet but I will. It folds up in a bag for when we move , whenever that is.

So, I may or may not be blogging in the next week and a half away some major news event or major item occurs.

As for my husbands = our project is still under development and we are looking forward to actually having it sometime at the end of August or early September. You really need equipment to do this and everybody I know is still waiting for their stimulus check.

Add that to our shopping for a car and the stress that goes with that on top of the pandemic. Considering the numbers in Florida we’re not gonna do any of that until the fall and the numbers go down.

I just keep saying over and over and over again tell me when it’s’s like when my grandmother and great grandma said we were waiting for the war to end.

For me, this pandemic and this war against Covid and all of this quarantine it’s like a war right now.mistake it’s number one in the world for cases. It’s really bad my car is not as bad as tampa but it’s really bad out there.

Yeah, tell me when it’s over the only time I go outside to walk my dog, do the wash, and maybe run an absolutely necessary errand.

I haven’t been to church since early June and I might do an in and out really quick at the end of the month for my birthday. I have a streak going that I have never missed church on my birthday since I’ve been an adult in 1981.

Call me and tell me when it’s over. I’m so over it all. Hello there, I’m so over all these televangelist catholic televangelist and his catholic newspapers who go on and on and on and never really want to help anyone.

Call me when it’s over. Because when it’s over those people who voted for him Mr Trump, are more guilty than he is of all of his mortal sins. Those are the people like Raymond Arroyo and the nightly news on EWTN, and a lot of those ultraconservative Latin Mass type people, there is guilty as hell because they are more than likely voted for Trump.

What is this = I want an injunction against them I don’t want to see them I don’t want to breathe the same air as them. I feel peace just saying this.there are as guilty as hell.they are the Pharisees that have caused all of this.they are the ones who do not believe in global warming. They can point the finger at me all they want to but has come down to this = they can scream pro-life all they want to but there are thousands of people and pushing 1 million people dead because of what they did. There is no way in hell in hell or the entire known universe that they are pro-life because Trump did not make a decision.we have dead people because of what he did not do.

They are the ones who talk behind bishops back.everything is half empty for them and they are to void of any soul inside themselves except for what they think is prim and proper and in the DSM book, I know it has a lot to do with their OCD .

I cannot absolutely cannot cannot cannot comprehend how they try to put words in my mouth, your mouth think for us bum & tell us what we think, and the list is endless.

Can I comprehend how they cannot comprehend the fact that they are alienating to everyone. look at everyone else is knowing nothing about the faith what is out there on Google and if they wanted to look they probably already have. They think they’re the only ones going to heaven.but isn’t that with the Pharisees in Jesus Christ times but also?

I cannot comprehend how those evil evil caring type people make everyone doubt that they even have a faith because if we don’t do it their way then it’s the hell highway for you .

Folks, it took me years to get over the doubt that they instilled in my head. It was almost like cultish. It was the feeling that everything was half empty nothing was good enough and they were superior.. I

Tell me when it’s over because right now all I can do is pray my rosary and do what I know is right.Tell me when it’s over because right now all I can do is pray my rosary and do what I know is right.

Is the most alienating event in my life. I don’t know if it’s the most alienating but it’s close to it and it’s up there and it’s pretty short list.

The remedy? Vote what do you think is right.remember if you think it’s okay to lie just like someone who is in power right now then you do not need to be going anywhere near me. get this guy out of office and you know who I’m talking aboutget this guy out of office and you know who I’m talking about.

In while, have a great rest of your week and I hope that you’re starting to see what’s really going on.

You do not see what’s going on you probably have your TV on 24 / seven other than your sleeping hours.I do not.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.