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Update on our @Scottlawyer @stark61555 development for a possible blog and podcast together.

There’s no picture here.

Well after a planning meeting the other night we came up with about 15 names we could call our blog and podcast. We were not short on ideas for a main theme dotWe were not short on ideas for a man theme .

A special note to tell you all that my husband is even more political than I am. He’s very very loving yet very common sense about many things. I will admit that’s why I married him. I’m the same way.

Another sidenote when we were cleaning the other day we moved a bookcase. Along with my cookbooks, my husband has all these Political Almanacs all the way back to 1980. He doesn’t have every year he just has all the earlier as we were married and dating all the way up to about 2004 /2008. Very funny! He said he ran around high school up in Chicago area carrying this every day because it was reading all the time.

I admit I was a nerd also. We met here in Florida. I grew up here even though I’m from New York.

So we’re gonna have some kind of politics with our podcast and vlog. His background is business and Law and my background is journalism and education. I will stress I’m going to try to see about putting this together like a feature type entry.

I could go on and on about my journalism days… you would shake your head to see how funny I am around deadline. Smile people because yes, I still bang the phone down before I hit send. And the pencil is still either on my ear or in my mouth before I go cross side while I’m trying to hurry up and get it together.

Stay tuned because we’re still developing this it will take a few weeks…

We are going to have our dog as a mascot of sorts.

Stay tuned.


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