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Coming possibly soon to a podcast Patreon near you = US!!! Stay tuned for further details. Might even just do it about the Alfie the Beagle . We are still working out the bumps and wrinkles. Let us think it over this weekend . We want to make it worth our while to do it. We want to make it fun so you don’t waste your time listening to something that’s not fun! #Podcasting #YouTubeChannel #SocialMediaPlan #BeaglePodcast #FlaDailyLife

My husband of 22 years @Scottlawyer and yours truly and our dog are in deep planning thought . We are thinking of starting a podcast or a YouTube channel.

I should put a poll up here what day you guys would watch us. I think the thought is if we did a podcast it would be at the end of the week like a happy hour. Any other thought is this that we don’t want it to be the end or to be all for everyone.

And if we did a YouTube channel that would have to have enough material even in effect pandemic COVID-19 to fill it up with interesting stuff. One more thought about this is that I tried doing it in the early part of the 2000s. From about 07 to about 2013. We don’t want to bore you to tears . We just want to make sure that we have enough interesting material and we can come up with about 20 postings that are media.

When I was a feature writer in the mid 1980s in a small town near Orlando, we would plan our calendar well into 2 to 3 months for once a week on Sunday. But they were long Sunday stories that you could would read with your coffee on Sunday morning. So, they would have to be interesting enough. That’s why we would plan. I would have to do a lot of interviews and call a lot of people about a subject. Because you will have to get everybody together to do some interesting feature stories. I think that would be a very good thing. My vote out of all of this would be to make it feature story based and then a little bit of us involved too.

We may actually just make it for Alfie our Beagle. We want to get him involved also. We’re going to tell about his antics and get down to the real reality of why he does what he does. We could even interview our veterinary team.

That should be the funniest part about why we do what we do.

I go on various channels and I’m going to have to do some research this weekend to see what bores me to tears and what other people have posted and not posted. It has to be interesting to keep your attention .

@Scottlawyer and I follow several popular online people that post. The one hindrance that we know is that it’s a lot of work. If you plan, it’s not that much work you would have to make a list. A lot goes into the editing portion of it and I’m a bit rusty.

So, stay tuned and will tell you next week what we’ve decided right now. We may do it later. Remember if we don’t do it it’s because of COVID-19. We’re kind of limited right now because not a lot of things in certain places are open.

We keep saying eventually we’ll get to do it.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.