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ST everyone. First a test of what is important . And then, here’s a nice little convenient Catholic checklist to do every day & every month. Keep a notebook and a checklist in mind for your peace of mind . Trust me it helps do it in a creative way.

This is what time it was when I took this picture during the day during the summer.I’m a teacher by trade. So I have the mornings free on a Wednesday in the summer.
Our TV is off all day.yes, all day! The only time I turn my TV on in the morning is my exercise class on YouTube.
The upper left is my bible to the right is the catholic catechism dotin the middle is my 30-year-old Liturgy of the hours.

I’m going to be short and to the point here: 5 to 6 paragraphs at most. Go-ahead show your pastor what I am writing because this is how it works. Yeah, you can even show a bishop because this is really what it works.

My point? And I will be clear! Laypersons should have a checklist every day before they come out other people to tell them or accuse them or mentally judge them I’ve doing stuff they did not do. Laypeople should at least take care of their own vocation and their jobs and their houses and their families first before they come at others, and before the abscessed about other things that keep people from doing this checklist.

It’s not Catholic Pinterest, but this is just a checklist of what any Catholic anyone should be doing every single day when you when you surrender and stop worrying about what other people think.

First of all check the time. How much time do you waste worrying about the following items? Then take this test.

1. Rate yourself 1 to5 on each statement below. The number 5 rating is the most. The number five is what you get when it’s the most true for is what you give one it’s kind of true really true but almost true. The number three is when you’re not sure the number two is hardly ever but sometimes.the number one is rare.

Don’t forget to get a piece of paper and give yourself a rating on this item. Be honest .

_____I worry about gay people all the time in the church. That’s what it means to be a good Christian or good catholic is how what it means to be a good Christian or good catholic is how much I worry about this item. I worry about this more than I actually pray.

____ I think it’s very important to be a member of a certain political party to be a good Christian. My friend in my group told me I have to do this even though I don’t want to do this and I want to do something else.I know that that something else is right.

____ I worry about being liberal even though I’m not very sure about what liberal means. I accuse others of being liberal even though I don’t know what that means. I am scared to find out what it really means and think it’s a sin to look it up. I don’t know how to look something up and it’s a sin to doubt or even look anything up.

______ I firmly believe and I end up telling everybody what to do and think I have to worry about whether or not they are following the Christian faith all the time.

_____ I rarely read the Bible .

____ When I look at a glass with water on it I see everything is half empty and sinful.

____ I rarely read the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

_____ In normal times and not during the pandemic COVID-19, I go to and have gone to Reconciliation/confession once a month.

True or false please choose true or false for this next question.

______ I know what surrender is when I say surrender all to God and not worry. I can do that with Ease .

Ok, add all your questions up. The higher your score the higher you need to take a look at things and other words, the higher your score the more you need to read look at things and pray about your spiritual life.

And, if you answered False to the last question, then you really need to pray like you’ve never prayed before but don’t pray listen 1st to your heart inside your heart ask God to really speak to you within you. And then, I know any pastor would back me up on this, you Gotta stop worrying and being at everybody else’s business.

I dare anyone who got a high score on this and hit the false button on the last question to show your pastors or bishops what I write here and your score.

As promised, here is a checklist of what should be doing every day if you’re over 18 this is what you should be doing every day.

1. Read the Bible every day. If you can’t read the Bible every day I miss read/ see the Mass reading every day. Here is the link every day you should be looking at because it will give you a thought for the day it won’t hurt you you’re just get something out of it every day.

2. Read some of the catechism every day. Even I need to do better on this I’ve read a lot of it already but even I need to do better on this. You don’t have one get one easily bought on Amazon or a bookstore. There’s even a link online I googled it so can you. Here is the link . I googled it without the drama, definition of drama everything is a big deal when I do it —it’s not here is the link

Regarding liturgy of the hours, correct me — if I’m wrong if you’re a layperson it’s nice to pray that.we are not obligated to pray is a good thing to pray that.but you’re not a priest/ bishop and you’re not a consecrated person. But here is a app that I use for this below is a screenshot of an app circled what are use look it up on your App Store for your phone. Below is the app and a screenshot of my phone. You’ll have to register and maybe pay a tiny fee? I registered over a year ago.

Folks, I know they will back me up on this, if you’re doing all of that every day, being kind of people not want to get into their business, taking care of what you have to personally take care of in your personal business, using your talents, not worrying and you check that you don’t worry every 15 minutes to every half hour and not letting people take advantage of you.

The Bible says 365 times do not fear. Common sense would say if something is 365 times and it’s 365 days of the year, then you better pay attention.

So here is the actual checklist that’s very basic behind what you think is important: remember this is for Catholic people

_____ bible reading

_____ liturgy of hours on app

_____ Catechism

______ Rosary

_____ reconciliation 1x a month

______ Mass online or when you can go

____ spiritual reading

More tomorrow….


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