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I have to say this: I did not have Christmas 2019 or presents because I had a bad feeling that something was going to happen.

Here’s the truth folks: do you know this government has known about an upcoming pandemic for years!

Sorry, they did nothing! Oh, during the Bush Jr., years — he may have tried to do something.

Everybody that even has a place on this planet can tell you this: everybody knows this is the truth!

This is also this: I have known and had a deep deep dark feeling or sixth sense that something was going to happen.

I’m sorry Trump supporters but your very own graves and your greed will implode upon you. This virus does not discriminate. Doesn’t care about how rich you are it doesn’t care about how much insurance you have doneit doesn’t care that you live in a big house or a small house. Even the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of England has had to deal with this.

Personal feeling is this: it needs to hit the billionaires on Wall Street and show them a lesson or 2. I am not apologising for desiring justice. I’m not apologising for a secret desire for them to be wiped out because people need to learn that cannot be greedy. I secretly desire them to learn to be against their greed. 

Just gonna say that flat right: I survive this. I live through this! I have not been tested.I may have had it earlier this last month. I will be standing back in Seminole, Florida in a little under a year from now looking up at the doorway smiling that I have survived this. Remember, no debt and Christmas 2019. Somehow I knew my bills were going to be paid because I worked my butt off during the holiday season. That was an extra blessing, that long-term assignment over the holiday season.

The truth? How have I been surviving this now? Well, because I’m part -time in my school system & we got told no assignments for the time being. Fine with me. I was seriously wondering what the hell I was going to study for this test in June and July. I’m not hurting because I prepared.

Actually, no I am not watching Tiger King because I live in Tampa St Pete Clearwater area and we all already know the story of what really happened.

Actually, we’re kind of sick of the whole Tiger King thing because that to us and the West Coast of Florida is a stickn rerun & we would rather watch something else. I hate to inform you but there’s a little thing in upper Citrus Park tampa, = Big Cat Rescue .

And those of us, the 30% who have college degrees, can think of better ways to educate ourselves during the time that we have during this pandemic. Sorry Walmart crowd, we are not going to join you on this.

We don’t want the guy released because he attempted murder on someone else. Since when and when did you say you’re a pro life? Are you really pro-life if you’re for this release? Are you for letting someone out there trying to actually shoot someone or kill someone or whatever it was? Time to seriously wash your face in the mirror.

I don’t care if what I say is popular or unpopular.

Folks, I’ve even talked to my husband about doing a YouTube channel. So something or a decision on that this summer after this is over is coming.

Next item of business: what have I been doing during this time? I’ve had some serious time off and it’s been nice. You know I never realised how tired I was until I was able to get sleep.and I never realised how much trash is on TV.

That’s why I’m getting classes at GreatCourses plus TV on Roku !

In a been doing some serious thinking even though I pulled in a few different directions are still trying to personally sort through my priorities as to what to really seriously tackle 1st.

Stay tuned! Because I do not now foresee me taking this crazy series of tests that I have put off and put off over and over again until the end of June at the earliest.

Meanwhile, I wrote what I consider a book a few years ago that needs some serious editing. In another words, there is about 400 pages that needs to be condensed down to about 280 pages that I can seriously live with a smile after I turn the computer off at night or whenever I stop writing.

I just saw on the news the other day that the local hospital system in the Tampa Bay area a.k.a. Baycare has purchased a serious amount of instant virus tests.

This means that the following highways such as I-95, I-75, US 301 will be bumper-to-bumper traffic for the next three weeks because snowbirds will be trying to leave Fla. Yes, this year is different.many of them are going to be stuck in Florida because they’re not gonna be able to leave.

Yeah! I don’t know. When this is over with I can say that I will have maybe learned some advanced math, finished my book, and learned a language enough to speak it in a foreign country.

Can hear it now they’re going to be whining and complaining about the heat. It’s going to be hilarious! It’s no secret that I see a lot of them as Wimpy people with no substance who are whining and complaining. 

Stay tuned folks. My prediction is this: all of those snowbirds who can’t make up their mind whether they want to live part-time or full time in this wonderful Florida state of mine will be forced to stay here a lot longer than they ever predicted that they would stay here. I would say that most of the Canadians have left because our border push them out and push them back up north earlier than expected.

They’re going to have that force a 2 week Q wait! And since they are in a hurry to get home to the north-east and the grandchildren while they might be carriers, it’s going to be chaos.

So there’s going to be a serious backlog of people The Florida Georgia State line .

I’m ignoring the chaos sorry, I can’t get emotional about people who did not take precautions I did not do all they were supposed to do.

I just found the clicker. I’m sick of all of this. I will pray for you all but where do your prayers get answered is not on me, it’s on God .

Need to look at the big picture and start asking yourself why you’re so naive and why are you got taken advantage of and have elected a Chito that doesn’t want to help you, along with his cronies on Wall Street.

Don’t go to the mirror to point at me . I did not cause this my conscience is clear. If I told you back around Christmas that I had a deep dark feeling something is gonna happen, you would’ve laughed at me & told me to go to hell.

But you can’t and I didn’t so here we are. So 85 to 90% of my bills are paid this month because I chose not to go into debt last Christmas.

Yeah, I found the clicker I’m going to watch some serious maths and learn the language after dinner and guess what, I will finally finish my wash!

One last thing, coming up in future entries will be how to order groceries online.

Remember America, this is one of our finest and worst hours.

Remember that.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.