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Okay Catholics and other church people: let’s take a tour of my favourite churches in the FLA USA, the south-east in other places it’s a short one but a good one. 


The above link is a church I grew up in its eastern Tampa Florida. It’s a suburb. When this is over, you can go there to not much but it’s where I grew up.

2. Here is a link of a church we go to when we go snorkelling and scuba diving in North Florida. There are many springs in Florida and when we can go to church on Sunday, we go here. Ginnie Springs is near here. It’s cool. , I’m going to have to find a new place now because this is top-secret upon my list is out there now. It’s really quiet a country thing and I think a lot of people will enjoy it.

3. When we are crossing the state and we are making good time do you go to the other side of state from Tampa to let Daytona or the other coast, we set up a time to go here. right on the way on Interstate 4.

4. Okay, when the crisis is over and you need a really cool church to sit in the back pew because it’s quiet and you’re in Daytona Beach?! My personal opinion it’s escape from the rat race because you’re sitting in the back you don’t yall fight for that spot on the right side as you walk in .

5. The springs in the Ocala national forest are way cool . In thehundreddegree heat it’s the only place to go to cool off.

6. Hey Catholics, Fla has its own seminary in Palm Beach County. Here you’s the link.during normal times they have massive noon.…2.0..0.193.2903.8j19……0….1…….8..35i39j46i13j0i13j0i10j46j0i20i263j46i273j0i273j0i131j35i362i39j46i362i39j46i131.9XPlaree9I8

7. Okay, keep driving go all the way to the end at lands end to Key West. Please do this in normal times .

8. I am a Franciscan university grad two times over.but I believe in equal access and here’s Ave Maria.

9. Okay, I haven’t been to this church since 1985 during my “event Franciscan on a bus spring break.” It is the flagship church for the archdioceses of Miami. Here and in normal times, wave to ArchbishopW for moi and my hubby.

10. Back in 1986, I was a community journalist in a little town near Fort Myers. Here is the link. I miss the peacefulness of the river by the small town. One side note, I don’t miss the mice in the one-bedroom house are used to rent. Only good thing about that my sister help me grow up and deal with things as a young adult. My mother hung up on me after I called her at 10 o’clock at night to complain about the mice in my house.…6.1..1.222.4420.18j22j1……0….1…….8..0i71j0i22i30j35i39j0i131j0i131i20i263j35i362i39j46i362i39j0i273j46i20i263j0i67j46j46i20i263i275j46i67j0i20i263j46i10j0i10j46i10i275j46i13i275j0i13.Po4hJCyjexg

11. There is a church in Melbourne beach that has a Publix right nearby and it’s right near the beach. Publix makes the best sandwiches when you’re laid back and you’re just enjoying the beach.we don’t really drink that much at all ever. Florida residents get the cheapest place there is and spend their time outside during normal times.  but here is the link of this parish.  trust me, going to Publix after mass and try wanna Publix sandwiches and eat it and as picnic on the beach.

12. Sorry, Cocoa Beach I usually end up going to your side of the coast on a weekday in the summer, so I don’t usually get to mass and your side of the state. But here are the links to the Cocoa Beach churches.

13. Back in the old days when I was growing up, we used to stay in a little beach town called Longboat Key Florida. It was in the 70s and 80s, and there is a Eucharistic mural at the local Catholic Church there. Enjoy during normal times. here is the link below.

14. I’ve got to give a shout out to the Dio of Venice Cathedral . We haven’t physically been down there yet inside. Reason? We usually have a dog with us when we go down there. There is a dog beach A lot of restaurants where we usually eat on the way home.

This is part one I can’t think of part two but last but not least, here is our cathedral in Saint Petersburg.

That’s all folks have hope, make plans God is on the watch!!!


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