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Marriage testing 123 in a pandemic: does a garbage can in the middle of the living room bother you? 

I have to do this folks.

Been married 21 years.

No, I’m not perfect but I try to not let little things bother me and I can’t deal with women who are prima donnas and let things bother them over the top because to me, they’re uneducated fools who just don’t know or do not know how to socially interact with others including their husbands.

In my humble opinion, there are actual jerks out there . I said the word jerk. Soon, they learn through age wisdom and experience how not to hang around these jerks and they don’t marry men who are jerks. Often these are the women who suffer the most.they have to do a divorce defense because their husbands file first. 

We had a case about three years ago. I’m not naming names! I think the woman filed first, all over a little stupid fight they had on a trip. I’m gonna say this was her third marriage.and there’s something very psychologically wrong with people who are married three times.

I give my Catholic Church credit for crediting marriage as a sacrament. We prepare because many people they have no concept and no grasp about what that is… For us, they made us go to a marriage counselor when we were preparing to get married in 1998 and they mandated that we wait six months before we walk down the aisle. With this, we learned a few skills on how to deal with things and, grow up!

Sorry, Thunderahhh I just tell it like it is even though your feelings that are still developing like a little girl and not a adult woman, are so touchy & easily hurt because they think they should be hurt and that’s so feminine to cry all the time. Drama queens! OK, Dad, you taught me well not to be one of those thank you! Young lady, I got put on restriction when I acted like you father taught me self control. I did learn a few things.

By civil marriage, I mean the ones that get married with judges and notaries and people who are not ministers or recognized in my Catholic Church. Sorry, it’s not the same. My moral compass is this: if they can be annulled, then why would I worry or be church scrupulous about being a paralegal in their divorce case andgetting these fools divorced because they’re uneducated, they don’t want to be educated. By the way sweetie hubby is a family lawyer for the time being. Most of these marriages if they got blessed in the church or try to get blessed in the church would be annulled anyway!

I’m going to do this for it is what it is sake, our next-door neighbors here in Clearwater are young and living together. They don’t want an education they do that there Walmart high school service job & they take second-best. Nobody taught them to want better. They mean well, but living together to them is marriage in a haphazard sort of way. Outright : I’m against living together before you’re married. I think people who do so do not develop correctly as adults. They are still children and don’t want to do what is right.

I Gotta say what I Gotta say here. The trashcan in the middle of the living room bothers some people because they’re such control freaks out there.I am talking about these women who are overweight and over principled about things that are not important. And I’m not perfect. But, somethings you have to not say anything about a move o You can’t let things get to you or irritate you. Any of them do not have the courage or the maturity to hang in there.they don’t want to do so it’s too hard for their touchiness.

OK, one more time…If the trashcan in the middle of the living room and you’re having to be so prim and proper because you’re insecure and perfectionism is your ticket to whatever you think you’re going to get, it’s time to retest and it’s time to retest again. It’s time to retest because so if you need to evaluate why this is important in your life.

If you would let this pile up and get you upset over and over and over again till you’re fuming, you’re immature little girl or little boy and you need to take it to a counselor to achieve self control.

Know what I’m gonna do next? I’m gonna forget about the trashcan. There’s a bonus that I get: when  my dog makes a accident doodle in the middle of the hallway. When we can’t walk him outside because we’re supposed to stay inside so my husband can get well.  I get a star that gets me to my next married year.  no touching us are immature whining there!

I’m going to put a star chart for me , not you but I get a star for every time I kiss my husband and tell him I love them and I go pick up the beagle’s SHIT. Of course in this pandemic, I will wash my hands before and afterwards and that toilet paper that I’ve been stockpiling that’s what that’s for. We are semi quarantined because my husband has a medical condition and is getting IV anabiotic’s and is improving.

I will say it again out loud and upfront. I don’t cry during tough times. We will get through this.

Oh yeah, I’m leaving the trashcan in the middle of the living room… Why? Because I’m gonna do one better than you will, lady.

Retest yourself .


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