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Once upon a time after work this week I took the bus home and saw this some

I didn’t mean to go within 50 feet of these people it’s just happened.

I was on my way home from work and was going to give plasma blood period but that didn’t work out because I just needed to get home.

So my fastest way out during this car search of ours, what is the local bus.

I asked them to specifically tell me ultra specifically why they supported this Trump person?

They couldn’t tell me —generalisations like the American way? Not good enough they couldn’t give statistics they couldn’t tell me specific reasons why period they just made me feel like I needed to be afraid and I didn’t subscribe to their evil fear enough. 

I follow the bible fear is the opposite of love.

This is why I have a problem with those type of people. 


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .