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Here’s my holiday thoughts I would like to say more but I’ll keep it concise period

I got a speak out I was gonna ask a couple questions and that should just get to the heart of the matter period.

Do you ever been put at a challenge to do something difficult? And then you come back and then you say after looking around at everyone else – what they do you do?

What are you say are they as tough as I had to be for the moment that I had to be the tough that I had to be ? And you said that you wonder what they get paid as much as they get paid if they had to be as tough as you? And then you also wonder are they going to continue to get paid as much as they get paid to be as tough as you are expected to be at certain instances?

Because I teach and because I’m going to keep it extremely confidential for the record, 00 in on the difficult ride I had every morning when I had to get up at 4:55 am, every single morning for 30 days to fill in for a teacher just had a child. That’s going to the edge for me to say all of that because normally I don’t say anything about my job or my work or anything else period I would like to because there is some serious humour stuff I could share but after I retire I’ll do that period. Kids are fun but I am respectful and I follow the rules as far as keeping my work life and blogs separate. It’s just good practice.

And for anyone who criticises me about this blog which is nothing about education, all I’ve said is that I take a bus period. It’s not negative like your criticism and it’s not negative like you would sit there and frown about something you little Scrooge. Or was your name the grinch?

Anyhow, I can talk about the bus ride and that was very interesting for a solid 30 days I had to get up and catch a bus at 5:40 am then catch another bus at 6:05 that drove all the way down to the other end of the beaches.

It was not easy to get up at 4:55 am every single morning for 40 days period. I got up when most people were still asleep because our car died and I still had to get to work that was the hard part. But the funny part is that I was earlier than everyone else and I made sure of that.

I don’t care what is mongrels out there in work land say, but I’m proud of my toughness when I have to be.

After consulting with my husband and several legal counsel sources that I subscribe to as is my first Amendment right . I have a right to this blog and it’s not negative it’s just mostly pictures of our daily life here in Florida which I’m very proud !

If you live here and don’t shovel snow like I do, you should be proud of where we live! There is a lot of beauty here! Share the sunshine!

We should be proud of our everyday life here what’s the while you’re allowed to spotter your occasional borderline opinion of something that doesn’t go much into your regular life it just goes into things that you find humorous about the regular life or are you things that you find interesting it doesn’t involve work period.

I’m going to wait for another three years then eventually when I retire , I will write a kiss and tell book about everything that has been done in my work life.

So that means if you are reading this and did me wrong and 30 years ago people are going to know about it period if you did me wrong 16 minutes ago from this week yeah, I’m going to write about you as well.

If you are nice to me, people are going to know about it. If I were you in a general sense I would say nice things to me and be nice to me because I still have the blood blood vampire drive of a journalist still in me. That virus never went away and it still stays very much in touch with the fact I have my first amendment rights and I’m able to do so when I am able to do so.

I pray to God you people out there played nice.

I stand for the truth and the truth usually is tempered with kindness, but if something went wrong and things got scared and confused it wasn’t me it will never be me it was probably you are who are not nice to me.

I wouldn’t worry too much. I will say this: Ill tell it like it is!

I wouldn’t worry too much! I don’t believe in guns I believe in legal process period. I also believe that people should have manners period. And that’s all I’m gonna say right now I don’t think you have to worry unless you did something to me that was outside the legal manners that you should’ve had.

I can hear some former supers from 30 years ago saying I shouldn’t of done what I did period. To which I will say, why did you do what you did you jealous little fiend? And that our unnamedon this blog person will stay unnamed, but that person is no longer in that position anymore period.

Why am I going on and on about this? Because in the spirit of the holiday season , everybody takes an examination of their conscience just to say or s see their true colors.

I do this every year how can I serve people better? Can I improve as a human being?

I just think it’s a good idea to do so period. It’s something that goes beyond what everybody else will see.

When I graduated with my graduate degree several years ago someone just looked at me straight up and said no matter what anybody does do good period.

I’m still trying to follow that advice


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.