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We have moved to Clearwater Florida from Largo


I cannot believe the last weekend is over with! People, do not use Florida brand movers they did not show up for us they made excuses as to why they were late and then they walked off cussing walking back to their truck while we sat in our old apartment already all packed and ready to go.

It has been some week!

then, we had to hire someone for the most part off the street to help us load the Uhaul we had to get last minute.

Home sweet home has another ring to it.  We have a new kitchen and I’m trying to get over the added expense of a mover that did not show up and all the other added expense because we had to rent another truck to assist the U-Haul.

I didn’t film it because I tried to little bit more courtesy and I would’ve not said nice words if I had to film it.

we were in a state of confusion for a whole solid week and a half it took me three days to calm down after it and last Sunday I didn’t even know what day it was that was horrible.

Now comes the deep thought of what to do with our car that no longer works.

We are going to get to that.

Oh yeah, I started a new assignment let’s see how that goes



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