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I just answered another “Made for Love” Usccb podcast “Vacations w Catholic family” w/ a long comment that was very long and explicative and explaining what we’re not like again. I don’t do nervous. Fla land of bad hair days. I’m over that too. It’s too hot to be upset about every little thing. Too hot to be grumpy. It’s not allowed. We are competitive about that!

Here is the podcast link.

Here’s what I wrote. I put it on the comment section. It has still has to be so-called approved. I don’t know why. I’m older than most of these crazy people in the church , and quite frankly I’d like to tell it like it is. This girl Sarah the host for the podcast should have been with us this weekend. My personal impression of the people she interviewed are those who need wine or a beer I need to really really loosen up and learn how to smile or laugh.

We are very easy going and hardly ever fight in the car. I would’ve loved to seeing how she would’ve handled the Florida blinding rain going up north on I -75. I mean I saw people pulled over under the over pass roads and I wondered why are they being so prissy and pansy and not persevering about stupid Blinding rain? I just kept going at 60 miles an hour in the blinding rain right next to the big semi-trucks.

So, it kept raining for a solid hour. We were only two hours into our weekend trip on Friday night. I guess I’m used to it. Would’ve taken a picture of it but you can’t see even out your front windows windshield.

I’m sorry honey if I tell it like it is. The heat matures us. The heat? It is hot from late April to mid November. We are not interested as to whether not you’re going to be grumpy about it or like it, just deal with it or find your ass slept with pain of walking outside and sweating profusely. God has decided that you are going to do seven months of penance every single year. Pansey prissy a** in the church do not live in Florida for very long. Swearing is something they cannot control and they cannot mortgage whatever it is they want to complain to you or anyone else or control about! Grumpy need not apply.

So, this is what I wrote below. If they approve me or disapprove me you still can see what I wrote. So, here goes:

My husband and I of 21 years are 56 and 57. We have no kids we took our 8 yr old Beagle on a weekend vacation . He acts like a two-year-old kid because he does nothing but pull and you must have him on a leash at all times . I have a large runners leash that attaches to my waist. We live in the Diocese of Saint Petersburg, Florida! Yes Florida. Do you know the Big Guys dio!? We just got back from a a three hour trip across the state to Saint Augustine where we encountered a beach where you can take dogs on. Butler/ Crescent beach is cool. I’m talking into my iPhone for this . I really enjoyed this podcast but you all travel much differently than we do. Maybe it’s because we live in Florida & are used to doing the vacation thing on the weekends. It is not a big production number. It never is.
We also visit Florida springs that has ice cold water because you are dealing for the 90° heat.
I like your blog and your Podcasts but these people are a little too nervous for me.
Why in the world would anybody get grumpy on a vacation? That was never allowed in my family period my father would leave you on the side of the road for 10 minutes if he didn’t like your attitude . He would come back. Things they’d say: You had better fix it right now, he would say . And don’t bother me with any games you better shut up. I don’t play is what he would say. Don’t talk so much. My mother never ever ever ever ever had snacks for us when we were little. Deal with it is what she would say period are you get taken outside church and given a spanking before you even know what hit you. My brother and I grew up mature not demanding things all the time .

So, we had a good weekend at Crescent Beach near Saint Augustine & at DeLeon Springs just north of Orlando .
We vegged out this weekend . We work all the time our way. He’s a lawyer here w a solo practice & I assist him. I also teach in the public schools here during the school year . When I got back from the beach at our Days Inn hotel right off I-95 to save $$ , I was thinking of you all after I listened to the podcast. I was thinking of you all at the small pool where I had no people around me. I never grew up in a big catholic family period my mother adopted my brother and I with my dad .
I like your podcast but I was very alien to all the talkativeness and nervousness that some of the women portray on
the podcast. Why don’t you interview a couple who go on vacation without kids?
The question of kids was not an issue with us after we couldn’t have them. We got married Mid 30s. Then, wasn’t a big deal after that period when I hit menopause I
was like okay, move on. Not everybody is going to have 10 kids and please research a little further period enjoy your podcast but give it a little more broad-based. Well I like to know is how early did this lady get married?
Anyhow I still yet to hear from you at all and that will be very nice if you did call us and say something . We’re not heathens here is down here. We just have a tall Bishop you don’t wanna play basketball with. If you do get to talk to me I will these people who tell it like it is that I don’t like nervous ever! And I still think you’re too chicken to come down here and find out where all the good places to go are!
Sarah, I was a journalist for 20 years the one thing I can tell you is this: the best stories or ones outside your office. Loosen up a little bit because what you have is a very nice podcast but the thing is these women are so nervous. I was never a race like that I have an 80 mother who is from Brooklyn with a very strong opinion . She still does Zumba . Oh yeah, not everybody down here is retired there is a whole mess of us were under the age of 70.


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .