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Happy August weekend! I laugh and share with you these are things that I don’t do on a vacation!

I love Florida because you can go all weekend instant vacations!

  1. I don’t make my bed before I go. Why bother? You have to do the wash when you get back anyway.
  2. Listen, unless I’m going to Disney or any of the Orlando theme parks, I try not to drive to or through the Orlando area because it’s very white knuckles nerve wracking.
  3. Unless I have to check into a hotel, I try not to go on a schedule or at what we call or no as a uptight up north schedule.
  4. My husband never ever ever ever in all my 30 years of knowing each other has worn or would wear undershirt in a 90° heat period it’s just too dam hot.
  5. Please do not complain about the heat. It is there, turn on the air.
  6. No complaining about anything ever period. If I ever complained about anything when I was growing up, my dad the engineer and a US Navy veteran, threatened to leave me on the side of the road and one time he did just to make a point. He came back from me a few minutes later but that scared the pants off of me. It works and should work for anybody complains about anything whatsoever on a vacation period.
  7. Do not over dress and try not to wear socks.
  8. Plans for the weather to be rainy in the summer afternoons period don’t complain about it just playing for it add that to your schedule.

7. Try not to talk about religion or politics while you’re on vacation sometimes you need to take a break and just rest your mind and know that God the divine is all around.

8. I hardly ever pray the rosary on the road because it puts me to sleep. Unless there is a serious half-hour back up it’s not gonna happen because unless I’m sitting in traffic I don’t wanna be put to sleep on the road while I’m trying to concentrate on my driving. Chanting a prayer is not going to happen because that means that I’m worrying about the prayer and not about the driving. To worry about the prayer, means I’m definitely not concentrating on everybody’s safety then I’m sitting in the car with. Does that not defeat the whole purpose for which the price for

9. I try my hardest not to fight with my husband period whatever it is that I don’t wanna argue about it’s just shit ass not worth it.

10. I take my sweet Damn time even if I do get in to the destination at 10 o’clock at night.

11. Lately, we’ve been taking Alfie our eight-year-old beagle a whole lot. He takes up the whole backseat, along with the cooler filled with ice and ice water and water to Coca-Cola as there are usually cold because I need caffeine to drive. He’s asleep sitting on a plastic tarp so his hair doesn’t go everywhere on the seat.

12. Make sure under every single circumstances that you have access to your own tunes period are use iTunes that I’ve already downloaded on my iPhone. What I play depends on my mood and the rhythm of the driving and the time of day.

13. You will never ever ever hear rap while I’m driving , period.

14. Deep conversations can be had on the way home you wouldn’t believe what two days of rest and relaxation does for your brain and the ability to come up with deep thoughts.

14b. Coffee and caffeine. Two other words: bubblegum& lollipops. Where? Gas station & 711.

14c. I rarely drive in the left lane unless there is good music period. Always pull over the side of the road to watch someone else speed , get a ticket and, I wave at the luxury of watching them get the ticket , as long as it’s not me. If you want to be what we call Fla stupid go-ahead period period. The speed limit is there for a reason and I’m not going to pay your ticket nor is my husband the attorney going to get your sorry ass off of your responsibility of knowing how to act.

14. I always get a loyalty card discount or a Florida resident discount period. This is usually about 60% cheaper than what you the non Florida resident pay. To get that even when they don’t give that again on the phone asked for the manager, and then I get what I want. If I don’t get it we don’t go there and we don’t stay there and I don’t pay a whole lot of money to stay stay somewhere is that getting about the same thing I can get for 60% cheaper. I could explain but you won’t get it in the first place. Sorry about being so honest, but sometimes you must save money because they gauge you period. The rule and bottom line here is never pay more money than you should. Most of the time, even when you’re cheaper you get the same thing period . All our hotel rooms pretty much look the same to me period.

15. If I have to fly anywhere, I get the cheapest plane ride even if it is very early before 6 am. Effort saves money. I also am at the airport and hour and a half early for domestic flight. I am never at the final boarding call unless it’s a connecting flight & beyond on my control. My grandfather taught me better than that I made sure everybody was on time and I would not have my last name unless I was on time period. That’s how I grew up.

Since I’ve lived in Florida for many years I know every single corner of every single interstate that I’ve travelled over the last several years. Arsenal every single corner of every single road and every single restaurant, restaurant, I’m more than likely probably every rock on the side of the road period. I’m a member of least 3 to 5 loyalty clubs and know a lot of regular mom-and-pop hotel people by first name. You will never get my Florida rate because I always travel after I’ve called them first period.

When I go on vacation I actually relax or attempt to do that period we do the museum museums and art galleries and everything but we do it on the very spur of the moment period. I don’t sit there with stickies figuring out where I’m going to be every single minute. I’m not like some Disney group person right photo to the picture of a few weeks ago period. To tell you the truth people, I got kicked off this Disney group because I live here and get cheaper plane tickets and all the Florida goodies that they want.

This lady is no longer in our state because they just went home. Note the dates . This was posted on the Disney group on Facebook.
Can you absolutely believe the people are like this? I just go on vacation figure out everything last minute don’t make too many reservations and make it so you can actually relax . I want to know if she is still paying for all of this right now today is the second.

When I go on vacation I go with a smirk on my face I Eyeglasses, sunglasses like a boss.

One more time, I travel like a Florida Boss.

The chart above is when Disney is not crowded period. You may notice that when school starts it’s not crowded period.

I know it’s a lot to remember, but read it a couple times . Got that?

Oh by the way, I’m going away this weekend I may or may not take pictures depending on my mood.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.