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I like this other blog it tells about scrupulosity and OCD. I need to share what these people did to my faith. These crazy non Florida people need to relax. I’m going to share more thoughts again here. Click on the link before this sentence.

You cannot under any circumstance control every single stinking thought . That’s with these OCD people need to realize.

They also need to realize that everything does not have to be perfect. And I think I need to reconcile myself with the fact that these people do not do well with me. Do you wanna know why they don’t do well with me? I don’t have the energy to care about their ugh a little problem. It’s too hot in Florida to bother with the junk that bothers them . A while back ago, they tried to bother me with their problem.

Every day life is very important to me here in Florida. I’m going to say it again. Every day life is sanctified life because I firmly believe God is everywhere. We have to be awakened and alert to that fact. But I don’t have to say it over and over again just an awareness has to be happening. The answer to it? Just do every day life the best you can and see that is a type of offering.

Life happens it’s not gonna be the way you want it to happen but there’s going to be beauty in it. Why? What? How?

Oh yeah, there’s a few moments like with me that have to be done with pizzazz. What is pizzazz? I’m going shopping for a new pair of red shoes that I believe look good on me.

What you look like does matter before anybody comes at me and says shoes do not matter they do matter. Why? When you go for a job and you’re dressed extremely nice and fashionable , more than likely they’re going to hire you if you have knowledge and experience. But a lot of church women I see in church up north dress like absolute freaking frumpy’s. No wonder why they have money problems.

So it’s August 1, for us in this house it’s payday and I’m going to buy one of these two heeled shoes on Amazon. To them it’s a mortal sin to buy these two shoes. They feel insecure , but not me. I attitude? Let them think they’re sinning —I’ll get more money. I’ll look better. Get my mind off this Trump thing for once. Thousand miles away anyway and he’s not gonna live forever.

It’s August 1, summer time, and you have to realize we cannot put starch in anything here because it’s so hot. I have the air conditioning on 65° I haven’t done wash in two weeks because I don’t have the change and that change needed to be use for something else. oh yeah, the dog tore up the floor in the bathroom because you cannot leave him in the middle of the house while we’re gone. He will escape the minute you open the door and you will be running for 678 and nine hours to catch him. He’s asleep right now as I speak and write into this.

I just have a problem with circling my head around these people for one reason or another always pay attention to things that don’t need to be paid attention to. Like when I walk into a church and if there’s a thought in my head, I just leave it there if my head and I don’t have to worry about it. If you’re over conscientious everything is not a sin. It’s not so with me. But I have a serious problem with these people very very very horrible horrible awful serious problem that these people even exist and these people have bothered me for the last five years. many of them have made me doubt my own faith that’s pretty solid.

And at the same time, I have to laugh because not one single one of them would’ve ever survived what I survived in the last five years. It was horrible, people. We moved into my father-in-law‘s house after he died . There was no mortgage.It was a house that looked very nice but needed a lot of repair. The air-conditioning died after a year and a half of living there. We didn’t have the money to fix it. So that meant that I had to live without air conditioning for 2 1/2 years and a very bunch of twin summers from hell. So now do you see why I put the air conditioning on at 65°?

The truth is this, people: these people really bother me. I walk in the church and I zero in on the crazy bat crap lady wearing that thing on her head. I have a problem with them I have a serious problem with them. Because they’re the ones that make them selves think that they’re the only ones going to heaven.

And I want to tell them this: you live in Florida and you don’t have to be this way. Relax and enjoy your surroundings of daily life. You don’t have to sit there and worry whether or not you’re good enough and put a thing on your head so you’ll be good enough. Don’t have to be perfect go watch a sunset that’s perfect enough you’re sitting there that’s always done correctly. That 🌅 is a gift.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.