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Dear folks at “Its a Southern Thing” YouTube site, listen up! This is an online letter for you…. read carefully… call me Number requested at

You need to listen to this soundtrack and understand where I’m coming from

I love your YouTube channel. I’ve lived in Florida since 1970. But I am from New York I have roots there. I’ll be 56 in three weeks. The New York of the 1960s and early 70s is what I remember best. Most of my ex said is Sam I Suther in with New York grindings.

Somethings you should know:

Before we start even further hit the pause button on that playlist I listen to this. I am a Tampa Bay Florida resident since 1970. I have been here since February 24, 1970, minus a few years of college and other excursions.

The whole of it is I was born in Manhattan NYC.

We used to live in Long Island and this house don’t bother the current residents, but this is where we used to live when I was little.

Then we moved upstate for a brief time during the space race. My father was an engineer who worked with them. Here is the area where we lived.

Then we moved to Florida land of astronauts and engineers. That was in about 1970. This is where I’ve been ever since minus a few excursions outside the state.

(***Side note: Fla man is not allowed in my backyard. His friends are not allowed either. His things are not allowed within 50 feet of my car or belongings. I am not Florida woman. Everyone of them belong in a mental hospital. Trying to kick them out but Georgia will not allow them to come across a state line . Last we heard there were troopers sitting across to Saint Mary‘s river waiting for them to take them into custody but they’re hard and we don’t know where they are except when you hear them in the news. Fla man is a joke among those who cover the news and I should know I did that for 20 years and community news in central Florida. I think we made the term up. Consider the rest of us: we are not Florida man or Florida woman we are individuals who love Fla . ReMember, we live here. We have stamina in the dead of heat so bad that we put 65° as our wonderful air-conditioning when we can. I am a wimp here today. It’s raining. I admit it. )

This is where I grew up

Well, this is a short entry. I chose wisely and moved to Pinellas County, Florida. Far as I’m concerned it’s smart because I’m near the beach and I can get there before everybody else can. No worries, I’m on a tall hill if there is a hurricane and I’ll blow away and you won’t have to worry about me.

No, I wouldn’t worry about me I survived Hurricane Irma. Yeah, the power went out for a couple days.

I live in the FLA that most southerners don’t own us or want anything to do with us. My husband is a lawyer here in Largo, Florida. He’s too smart to be Florida man. I’m too smart to be Florida woman. Hum, how do I tell you I was a journalist for 20 years? How do I also tell you I have a masters degree in education? I’ve got other stuff for the United States government and the state of Florida government, but that’s another story.

Call me Jeanne. Hubby is Scott. One beagle is what we have.

I wish you guys well, uh I don’t always speak Southern. This blog is about Florida life every day and the stuff that we take for granted but you all do not. I consider you all almost a social media friend. Love to meet you in person.


“The long-term transplants,” because my husband is from Chicago and has been here even less time that I have so I’m more of the southern woman, sorta and less at crave New York Pizza and some friends and baked clams in the summer….hahA

Jeanne &Scott and Alfie Beagle.

P.S. I don’t know what it to say after this. Email me.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.