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Here is the House state of affairs of the Jeanne on June 1, 2019

  • Our car is still inoperative here’s a picture.
  • My coffee espresso maker bit the dust about a week and a half ago. I have been surviving on other caffeinated beverages.
  • The espresso Florida Cuban coffee jar that I am using until I get a new machine is empty. This is not a good thing in the morning. It’s time to go shopping for more.
  • My clear electric stove top is clear for once because my husband has stopped putting sandwich meat on it because it’s next to the fridge. I never called him a jerk for it and he’s like I don’t see nothing does not work. Remember folks remember ladies I married 21 years that nagging thing does not work take a look at the doctors office where you’re working now. Snicker. And I know that was probably not a nice thing to say but it’s the truth for some of you. I’m just gonna leave it at that I hope you’ve learned your lesson after your divorce Especially when you’ve started it.
  • My apartment complex due to redneck in and distraction and distraction has stopped recycling any of their recycled items near the trashcan. God knows I’ve tried to get the stupid been back from the city of Largo, but they’re saying they’re delaying it because people put non-recycled garbage inside the bin. What does this mean for me who is very angry about this situation of not taking care of the earth? I’m going to go ballistically on social media to let them know we’re not gonna stand for this in the next two weeks! They just got new owners here and I’ve already stated my position about recycling. I called the city and they have said something about to bring it back. They think it’s a small thing but stay tuned for this one it’s not a small thing. I’m thinking of getting a petition drive to get this thing started again.
  • Two loads of wash left and still to do this weekend or early next week. This is from about six or seven loads that I did before I showed you in this picture.
This is my file area and the files we still have to do tomorrow afternoon with help from my husband. He has agreed to assist me in making the files very very easy to find and go to. Another words, we’re going to throw most everything out but make a file system for the next year we could use even if we moveagain


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