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Happy happy June 1 day! You may need an explanation of what this is before I do my next video.

Happy June 1 day!

ReMember that I said I kept a journal for years and years? Well this is something I’m carrying over from the journal that I privately wrote. Now, I will let everybody know about this.

June 1 is kind of a big deal with me. It always is!

No big deal you say? Sorry you’re wrong. This is supposed to be a blog about Florida. But since I am in Florida I have lived here for 40 years, this is the day I celebrate me. I celebrate that I live here in a beautiful place. I give thanks that I live here and I have a wonderful husband and a dog that love me. I celebrate that I am not the person you want me to be. I’m the person that I am. It is a celebration beyond the politics and troubles outside my door and outside my neighborhood. It is a celebration of toughness to go get what you Really want.

No big deal? You are you I am me. If you read this you will have to celebrate me. You can do it for you. But I have to do it for me and explain how this started.

It was the 1979 to 1980 school year. I had just finished a very difficult class in high school in the eastern part of Tampa Bay. I used to live in a suburb called Brandon. It was a cow town filled with warm happy people also known as suburbia. But in a different way. It was a mix of people from various northern states and actual rednecks. The principal decided that we needed a challenge and he put in AP classes for the joy of it. I was sucked into taking this because I was bored with other stuff. I needed language stimulation and went for it. It was English 38P. We’re not sound like much to you but it was a challenge for my 16-year-old brain at the time.

So, I wanted to write at age15 because I had been doing so for than three years. So I decided to take a junior level AP class. I was nervous and it was a little bit of more of a challenge for me than just regular English. The only problem was at that time I over thought things and didn’t know what to do. My brain was still developing leave it at that. What I know now I’ll leave it at that…..

But why do I do this now? I made a promise when I was 16 years old on 31 May 1980 to always celebrate the next day, June 1 because I was over it. I survived a very difficult class and something I went out to do or set out to do. I was over the difficulty that I thought was the most difficult thing I had ever done in school. I promise to celebrate who I am I became me and celebrate the creativity that was me. And everybody else should celebrate who they are too and the creativity that was them or who you are right now. And all the difficulty of stuff that you have to go through. And please celebrate the beginning of summer and who you are and all the creativity and all your talents!

It really started from a tough English project that I had to do when I was 16. My friends I’m still very close to them from that class I communicate with them on Facebook I communicate with them when I see them and too bad my car is out because I would buy them all something sweet or something to drink. We’re 55 and 56 now so there’s only about five of them who have since passed on from various elements or accidents.

Usually I just tell everyone to back off on June 1. True, the rent and the house bills have to be paid but still that should not stop you from being who you are. It should be more like a Midsummer‘s night dream type of day a little early. you can be silly and celebrate who you are and like silly music and not worry about the haters and the traditional people from church who would tell you you’re not orthodox enough. They do that a lot to me I get caught on both sides because I’m in the middle of it all and have decided that it’s just not worth it folks because they’re never gonna be happy on either side to stay in the middle and be happy and walk your own path that’s you.

Right Emma a life coach? She’s follows me here. I don’t know if the HOLDERNESS family follows me yet but if they’re going to look on my Blog , promise me that you guys are going to go on the beach dance and do a butt wiggle when you get back on the plane. Or when you drive on 75 or 95 and headed back north. OK, put foreigner on and put your hands in the air and dig the 80s moment that you can do this. And celebrate the second and the moment I close your eyes except for your driving I feel it in your gut that you’re going to get something done and you have gotten something done and you survived it! That’s what this is really all about!

So June 1 is the day to celebrate toughness. June 1 is the day to celebrate creativity. June 1 is to celebrate the halfway point of the year that you got through that was very difficult or pulled it out of you. Take a breath and jump up and down put your hands in the air and dance around. That’s what life is all about. You made it halfway. You’ve got the rest of the year to go and let’s just worry about what’s ahead or maybe not. Celebrate you. This is why I celebrate June day it’s no big deal to the rest of the world but I made it a big deal because I decided I can make it a big deal and’s and smile.

I also made a promise somewhere in the last two years no more trying to please others unless you pay me. No more trying to make family happy because many of them are not happy. I just decided sooner or later, it was just not worth it. It was derailing all my projects that I had started or trying to start and keep going. I will get done with all of my goals this summer just not on your time but on my time. Oh yeah, no more trying to make church people happy! Most of them are miserable to begin with and have power trip problems.

So, I can finally go in my living room and my flip-flops and what little jammies we wear here in Florida and wiggle my backside and know that Joy is an unspoken thing and underrated thing to say about life. My breath is mine I could take a dip one and know that I made it through half the year, and the halfway point is mine. It is a gift folks!

What does this mean for me? It means that I’m going to set up a schedule that ends sometime in August, hopefully renewing my teaching license. And hopefully applying to – do I dare say? I am hoping to apply to a PhD program somewhere locally in the next year. I’m also going to finally put on an ending of that writing project that I have been working on forever.

So folks, June day a.k.a. June 1 means that I have to dig deeper I have to go inside my goal of my gut and celebrate on one hand and work harder on the other hand to accomplish what I really and the desire of my heart would like to do.

You can do a living room backside booty dance that I have celebrated this with you. it may not make any sense to you but try it if you try it for 30 seconds and get all the haters and all the mean people out of your mind and to celebrate you you’ll you’ll enjoy it with me also.

Happy June 1 day folks!

Be creative celebrate you! Don’t make a drama stuff of all the things you think you have to do to keep someone happy. There’s got to be a balance here and there will be a balance you have to tell them that there is a good thing called holiness and that is the balance. You are going to get it done you have survived. Don’t think did you have to Teeter totter on someone else’s expectations but find it in yourself and know that God will bless this.

The flame in your heart is still going and you know what to do.

I kept my promise! I am now celebrating in my own heart.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.