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Tampa Bay Times source : Tampa Bay area career State Source employment office state of Florida is investigating bad practices at this office. My thoughts on this…. #JobsInFlorida #FloridaJobSearch

I don’t really think about this very much but back in 2016, I was out in the job market looking around. It was before I went back to teaching actual teaching full-time and part-time. I’m a sub now and I have a lot of tests FTCE areA tests to take this summer. At $200 a pop, it’s not going to be cheap.

But I’m not surprised that this stuff was going on because I would go to actual interviews back then into 2015 and 2016 to recruiters that I would give my resume to and they would think I’m not looking and they will put it in the trashcan.

The recruiter is no longer working for them. Trust me, I researched that one.

I have a Masters degree and they had no reason to do this. These people had no longer working for this state of Florida outfit. I think what they’re trying to do or what they were trying to do as they were behind something else and somebody was paying them to do this and they had an agenda. Or they were just played corrupt.

So now the department of labor is looking at them and purging what is going on. But read this article it’s excellent.


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