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Next year I’m going to get a flu shot and not have to ever ever go through this bronchitis and two week flu ever again! Here’s my thoughts on this! I barely remember Easter I was so sick.

Ouch! I barely remember holy week and Easter.

I was that sick I had a fever of like 101 and all I could see was the floor because I would have to lean over to cough The yucky mucus that was in my throat period. It is to note for all the cynical mean people this call him I haven’t been sick in 3 1/2 years! I take no medication period and I’m in better shape than you. I just get sinus problems every 3 to 4 years period that’s it

So I am resolving never to have to go through that again period. I’m fine now and just getting to the end of it period and if you’d like to know what that red thing is that’s my foot rest swear I put everything and its next to the couch that I camped out on for a whole week and a half. Through tears to my husband who kept me sane the whole week and a half.

Humorously speaking, I was wondering what I didn’t do right during the previous Lent and why I got sick period and my quiet moment came the word patience!

I couldn’t even read straight that’s how bad it was I was coughing so bad and it was so demoralising and I was coughing. So, spent hours and hours and hours watching crazy Netflix movies and sleeping.

So I furthermore made the resolution to chill out because of this period I think the stress of of a lot of things just hit you at the end sometimes period it’s not worth it people period it’s really worth it to take care of yourself and eat right, exercise and I get mentally stressed about stupid things.

I made it to Holy Thursday services , forget good Friday I was so weak tired period I barely made it to Easter Sunday period and not with standing after that I went home and got in the middle of a coughing fit and decided to skip a few days more and contract my educational services for the minimal of only two days to keep the kids from being sick. I can do that.

I’ve kind of resolved to stay away from stress to the end of the school year period the school year here in Florida and is around the last weekend in May because it begins early August and that’s your summer.

With good wishes for a good summer for you all I know it’s not summer up north and it’s still cold, but here in Florida it’s the first 90° weather usually happens around the first week of May.

Go to any trailer park for senior Snowbirdville and you will not see anybody period people, we have a state to ourselves starting this week.

I was in grad school I remember they had about 2 to 3 called France up north and the Ohio Pennsylvania area period it was more like a winter down here period so, if you’re up there stuck in the cold north stay tuned for my veggie or chicken soup recipe that I will happily pass on to you here.


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