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Regarding my last post: I don’t see anything wrong with telling the truth and what I believe is good Christianity . Most countries have universal healthcare. The USA does not.

I am never going to confession for doing what I did. Most people who ban me they’re the ones who should go.

I don’t wish Zuckerberg of Facebook any good after allowing this and allowing his people to do this. Passover is Friday he supposed to be Jewish. But great grandfather Gus on my father side, my adopted father side was Jewish. I don’t believe this is a spiritual thing but being good to people is! take care of people give them the health care they deserve.

One more thing, when she went back-and-forth with me it was I make sacrifices I like saved I make sacrifice, hence the emphasis was over emphasis on the I.

It was never about what you could do for other people. It was like I am not paying for anyone else. Good, I’ll let everybody know not to go to you for your services. Not a generous Christian and, it’s got to stop.

I somehow remember my great grandfather knowing somebody who now lives in Vermont and is no running for president.

Get ready.


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