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I’m about to delete my Facebook account! Why? I made a statement about socialized medicine and how I was for it. Here is the soap opera. Yeah, it involves someone who is the Maga hat

I wasn’t even going to post this but take my word for it. There is no more free speech.

My now ex friend of 40 years that I knew of since I was in junior high reported me for saying something she didn’t agree with about socialized medicine.

I’m going to say the truth here her daughter Haley just graduated and hopes to take her MCATs this summer. Good luck on that one. She’s allegedly engaged. She works for this loser outfit that is a medical supply company.

But now to the mother who TCM is her initials. She hates socialize medicine because she is an occupational therapist. She’s definitely afraid that she will never get paid by the government for a government pay system. She scared shitless that her daughter will get paid by a government system. She hates the idea that she will have to pay for others. And she calls me a bad Christian for wanting universal healthcare.

We can’t have healthcare helping people can we?

So Miss TCM stubborn as she is got scared and push that community standards button.

I’m not defending myself I’m telling the truth. Elected president 45 says a lot more than me. Why the F is he not banned from Twitter?

Effen double standard!

Hello out there someone needs to call EMSi in Tampa I can tell that somebody needs to get a denial from every medical school. Daughter Haley is not going to stay there and crawl with the company.

It is what it is miss TCM I’m sick and tired of white basura people doing this crap to me. Because isn’t that what people who wear those MAGA hats are?

Anyone who does not want to help someone is basura!

Christianity is about helping people. You don’t believe in that anymore. You taught your daughter that.

She was allegedly in my Catholic youth group years ago. But apparently you don’t agree with or believe what US CCB has taught that universal healthcare is what we should be working for here.

Good luck to mother and daughter I blocked both of them and I don’t give a damn about Facebook anymore.


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