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Regarding that new New York abortion law, I have to ask what’s the deal with it? I’m open minded but can’t we resolve this? What the hell do you have to do this? Let’s talk. I’m not the US CCB just tell me why you all had to do this.

OK, I’m adopted. I’m not really sure I like this New York abortion law. Can’t we do better? I teach school. One day, I hope to do summer school at the New York State just an item on my bucket list. But when you’re killing children in any means that’s not job security.

There’s a problem here folks. I’m gonna say it again there’s a problem with your folks. Why did you do this? But frankly I think people do all of this as an act of despair. And despair sucks!!! You don’t make healthy decisions when you despair or you jump in the bed with just about anybody.

Hello say you have to be the 1950s, I’m totally feminist. But I don’t think you should have to jump in the bed with just about anybody. Yeah healthy boundaries that need to be put up before you head that direction. Don’t do it anyway. You need to have healthy relationships.

But it seems that a state that is produced Donald Trump does not know what healthy relationships are! I will say: state that produces Donald Trump, and where he hails from the state of New York, does not know what healthy relationships are! So this is only a product of what you have! But I could fully expect that 45 has paid for abortions for his mistresses. Because he didn’t wanna be responsible and he changes his mind a lot. Read the news he has done it so many times. And he has lied. Take it from there.

I’m writing this on my own and no bishop or the Vatican or anybody else for that matter, paid me to do this. I’m doing this on my own. I’m adopted and I escaped. I’m writing this on my own and no bishop or the Vatican or anybody else for that matter, paid me to do this. I’m doing this on my own. I’m adopted and I escaped.

I am doing this of my own free will because I think people need to be very responsible. In capital letters I would shout don’t jump in bed with everybody that you think you should jump in bed with. These people have psycho needs and they’re not getting mad or they need counseling to have a responsible relationship. I’m not the Duggers who believe in old-fashioned courting.

There’s got to be a balance somewhere?! I put my hands up and absolute disgust.

I’m not traditional in a very serious way. Which means in my own respect I’m creative and I like to solve problems. And I don’t like doing what everybody else is doing. At college was a good time for me back in the 80s. I never was into the hook up culture. I had a damn brain in my head and I thought more of myself than to throw myself in bed with someone I didn’t know.

To my old home state of New York, I don’t know what the psychological problem is, but it seems like nobody wants to be responsible. So we kill it. Yeah, I’m going to make a stand here. Honestly, I don’t think abortion is as prevalent as people say. But maybe I have my head in the sand in a bad way. But, I think that something could be done. I don’t think it’s necessary.

On a personal note, I’m adopted. Last spring and summer I went back into my file. I wanted to and did a test. I found 200 and 300 400 cousins of mine. The closest cousins and I started talking. It was very hard to find who is who and who is on which side since I was adopted as an infant. So, I started emailing everybody! There were is perplexed as ours because I guess back in the 60s when I was born, no one told anybody anything.

So I was driving around on my summer job when I got this email. It was from my cousin Frank and I had to pull over. See, my cousin Frank apparently was on my biological father side. And he is a third cousin at best at that. His mother is my second cousin. She’s about 80 years old. I found out sadly that my biological father died in Orlando in 2001. Today I got a Facebook picture that he’s now a grandfather! Congrats Frank!

Oh him a whole lot right now for a living and getting connected with this part of my actual family. It doesn’t make me any less a person in my adopted family. The way I look at it I have a right hand I have a left-hand I have a left arm and a right arm. Different parts of my body yeah it’s mine. But I have to be responsible.

Being responsible is knowing what boundaries are in knowing how my actions affect everyone else’s. In 2004, I learned that no one is an island and no one is is an island. Everything we do affects everybody else they can’t be me first all the time.

I was driving along and then I get this email and pulled over. I said that already but I got it in for size it. It seems that my mother and my father couldn’t reconcile the fact that I was coming. I went into my file up in the city of New York and found my original name. It just was two words the date of birth and the registry. Did the source of my cousin I found out that playing around seem to be the rule of thumb with her old end of the family. She had found another life and seemed very happy and she said she was happy. Now we’re talking about my cousin not my mother not my father I have yet to meet even my mother or my mothers people.

Readers do you know it gets on my freaking nerves beyond the beyond and what makes me wanna choke a few people? When they accused me of not being responsible and doing bad things when I couldn’t have children! Maybe I should go back and choke a few people.

My husband and I got married in 1998 , I was 34 and about to be 35 that following July. Trust me, we tried to have children & I was not going to adopt because it was $17,000 to adopt a baby. To adopt an older child would’ve meant that I would’ve had to get a house and put myself in serious debt. I was certainly not going to do an IVF. I don’t want the shots I didn’t want to waste money on something that was not going to actually produce a child. We just made that decision and, I just decided that it wasn’t the best thing. We thought about doing an IVF but that was another $30,000. I had just signed off on my student loans after teaching special needs children. I did everything possible every single novena possible, every trip up to Saint Augustine to the lady at La Leche. And after the last trip I just decided it wasn’t worth it. I was having a strain on my marriage and by then I was ready to choke just about every fat Catholic Thundera on the planet.

Trust me, I still make fun of you if you’re fat oversized have six children and give me a hard time. I’m assertive. I make no bones about it if you give me a hard time you coming to get it. I’m all said here: I’m no less of a woman because I have no children. That’s how it works deal with it.

When you falsely accuse someone you deserve to be choked and thrown to alligators. I have no mercy on you!!!

But this New York law I think certain somebody up there needs to sit out with those people and say hey, we don’t have to charge 17,000 or even $30,000 for people to adopt a baby.

But hey, don’t they get free stuff anyway without you paying them?

And what in the hell do you guys have to do this? I don’t get it I wanna hear somebody PM me or text me a Twitter to tell me why do you have to open this abortion up for all time? Even if they are a special needs child is there a medical way that they could heal them?

I’m asking questions! Got that?


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