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Good morning 2019! Here’s where my TV would be… We don’t have one. Thoughts on this “problem”…

Good morning how are you? Welcome to 2019!

Normally about 40 years ago I would be writing this with no audience. I still have that from 40 years ago. Yes, I used to keep a journal. I still have it in my closet, stored away in plastic bins. Let’s get a perspective on how old I was. I was 16! That makes me 55 now.

Back to my main subject why I have no TV. We have no TV.

Yes this is where the TV would be, if we had a TV. Let’s take a look at other items on this piece of furniture, which is a IKEA Poang foot rest that I bought last year. I have my glasses, my prayer meditation book, my rosary. I use this stuff every morning to keep it in the center! I pray every morning, my way. Don’t forget that’s my blue coffee cup. In the background is a box of projector slides for each holiday. The red bin is where I hold my Christmas stuff. The blue thing got thrown in there when we moved. I’m still unpacking. We are still unpacking. But there’s no TV!!!

But before you say she is ” one of us”, I’m not . she loves Fox News, I don’t. I’m not some conservative and I’m not some liberal and I’m just me.I don’t watch the news. I don’t watch the news it unless it’s on the Internet. Which means last night I did not watch the ball drop. I have no TV. I watched a movie about Charles dickens and how he created the Christmas Carol. It starred Christopher Plummer and a lot of other great actors. I’m sorry to those other great actors that I don’t know your name. I had about 4 cups of champagne. That I did today. I made midnight spaghetti and clams. And we had a large bottle of sangria. My husband and I sat in her living room and actually talked to each other somewhat. We’ve been married 20 years. We read a lot.

You can’t put us in a box.

At midnight, right after midnight we went to bed. That’s my private life.


And another scope of this, my mother who is 80 something and lives in east Tampa, always wonders how can I live without a TV? I do. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I did it before I got married in 1997. I just didn’t want to pay for the cable. That was before we had Internet in the house and four computers. I didn’t see the ball drop until this morning. The ball dropping was a rerun ! It was a rerun this morning.

It was a rerun on the Internet. Sorry Anderson Cooper, sorry people on NBC, I don’t care : you’re thousands of miles away from me. I may go back to New York even this year. You don’t care about me I don’t care about you. I do but I don’t. You are not the center of my Universe. I don’t live in N.Y. I live in the F*L*A!

If I ever did go back to New York, what would it be like? I would definitely bring my good camera with me and put it all on YouTube but I want to do it with class this time. I want to do my husband’s homeland Chicago with class.

There’s some other things a lot of people don’t know about me that I’ve been under the radar scope for years. We will get to that later if I have courage to admit it. I will one day.

But I must address a few things there are some rules that I follow and I’ve always followed and it brought me some good luck over the years. I try very hard not to be superficial and stay the course that I know keeps me and gives me the integrity that I might still have.

I will address the rules tomorrow. I promise to address the rules that I followed all my life that have kept me for the most part, I hope honest.

There are many military people on Twitter that follow me. I need to address something here: I never private message you. I don’t like to be private messaged that doesn’t work for me. Don’t do it. If you do it I will block you. I will block you forever. I have been married 20 years and I don’t appreciate it. I know you mean well, but my standard tweets will have to do.

I will say hello to you now hello I am waving you know who I am. You might not know who I am but you knew who my dad was. I don’t make a big deal out of what we did or didn’t do. I’ve had a very private life and I like to keep it that way just wave and the inside and stay the course with me. Remember that whatever you know, I was seven years old when I did it. Oh yeah, I remember everything.

Oh yeah, I think it’s hilarious that I’m very under the radar screen, and I was a member of the local community press for years here in Florida. Now, I teach. I teach children. I have a Masters degree in Education.. I hope I’ve answered your questions. I try to be very creative in my take on things. I have a very weird sense of humor. I love Bugs and the Flintstones! I love Gilligan’s Island anything in the late 60s really 70s TV that’s my era. I love Pinky and the Brain because my students love it .

I don’t consider myself a conservative. I don’t consider myself progressive. I’m a moderate. Take a little bit for each. Try to stay normal as possible. I get mad in traffic. I don’t like southern baldheaded men in trucks. I called him dumb Bubbas. There are a lot of them in Florida beyond the rudeness of weaving in and out of traffic and something needs to be done about it. That is how I really a.m. There’s more but if you are not entitled to all of that information. I pray for people every day, yes, I believe in God. I’m Catholic. I believe in doing good for people. But not to the expense of losing yourself in cause. I don’t like uneducated people who don’t wanna better themselves. I don’t like OCD church people that believe in severity is the way to get yourself in shape spiritually. Truth is this, I actually tried that their way for about many months. It didn’t work I don’t know why they do it. It doesn’t pay. Why do they do it???

Oh yeah there is one other thing I don’t like Catholic bloggers. We don’t get along. They are too OCD for my taste. I could be more disciplined but that’s no way to do it. They worry too much and have to ask permission for everything. I used to troll them for fun. But I discovered I live in a prettier place called Florida. They will never get to do what I do with my humor and finesse correctly. It will always lack class and be frumpy as hell. Really now …. those same blog fools are now the age I was when I got married at 35. They are trying to have kids, but can’t. What goes around comes around. They gave us hell about that.

I don’t like blind obedience to people. That’s dangerous, that’s cult like . That’s sucking the soul out of someone. And I’ve seen it too often in the church and in the work world.

No, there is something that needs to be addressed that “is a very me”. I believe that after losing something or seeing yourself lose something, you have to go back at it with amounts of class that most people would share and cheer about. I’ll give you an example. I once upon a time lost a car after many years of financial difficulty. That was in 1987. That dealership no longer exists. It’s an empty lot. I will get a new car. I haven’t had a brand new car since then . And I will. I will buy a pair of bright red shoes that is designer chosen at random. My plan is this. Go back into a car lot. I will purchase the car with for the most part cash or a cashiers check. There will be no car loan. And I’ll film it. Oh but get this I go back to the original car lot that snow no longer exists with the red shoes and the car and tell those people who are now in retirement or where ever they are to stuff it. I will go back to the bank that let me the money and took my car. The car is now in the junkyard from 1987. And the bank is no longer in existence. The man who used to run the bank is dead. I’ll find out where he’s buried. That Let’s get things in perspective. This is a story of personal return.Most people have that story. It is a universal one. On the Moon, this story matters and doesn’t matter. It’s a story, but it’s mine. No one else will tell it but me. It’s mine, not theirs.

Oh yeah, and I can be passive aggressive. And if you hurt me and it was really bad, God help you. I know I’m supposed to forget it but there is a very very shortlist of a bad bosses that I’ve had over the years. I may address this since 30 years and a statue of limitations has occurred. They can’t sue me and I can’t sue them so we could talk now. Now, I might even name names. Now, remember it is not a long list. It’s shorter than five or six people. I might name names. I might.

I don’t believe in guns. A gun killed my teacher friend, Aaron in Parkland last year. Don’t worry. I believe in being legal and dragging your or these sorry asses through the word mill here. I’m good at that . I’m threatening to do it soon. I refused to go in the military way back when because I have reservations about them. I just do and it’s me.

Further research entitled me to find out that most of them were forced to leave the jobs they had via separation at the request of the said companies after they were mean. Perspective is weird. What goes around, comes around.

Let me just say it in a nice way: I can forgive a lot of career stuff over the years. I’m glad I have no TV. Why am I saying it this way ? In the grand scheme of life that is the TV show of “regular life.” In the grand scheme of life, it’s like dust. But the dust is always blowing in the road. I thought about naming names but most don’t come on the channel of my life anymore. When you do, I will speak the hard cold truth. I’m not going to hide it.

This comes up every single year. Before you say anything that I would badmouth somebody to their downfall, one of my former supervisors in the state of Florida went on to get his PhD. I respect that very highly. He got smarter. He now works in Lakeland, Florida. He teaches business to young people. After we had a disagreement, I told him to go further. He did!! We talk on LinkedIn every once in a while now. Consider that before anybody says anything. Consider that I always encouraged him to go on. Bravo Doc!!!

I will stand up for what is right and against the wrong. Right now, just internet and a landline is $54.00 a month . It’s about the money and my attempt to stay positive. Also, if I had Tv, I’d waste my time. I need to exercise.

Got that? I’m going to try and stay positive.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.