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This is almost my standard answer when on most “super I’m better than you Catholic or Christian websites or debates onFacebook”

These people drive me nuts. Their warped immature spiritual personal spiritual life is so political there is no depth or ability to question what is being asked of them. They are always right and your going to hell if you ask them to go question or stop fearing what’s on Fox News.

“Warped immaturity “? Yes I wrote that. In many ultra conservative super Catholic circles, they have yet to consider the validity of their own interior prayer life. It’s all tied to either the Democratic Party or the GOP as their God or those who follow or lead are the new demigods of their circle cult society. I don’t like either!

But they are fooling themselves. Following God goes beyond that. There are no cameras or social media cops to see if you are doing so. Real people don’t ring bells when they do something good.

So , I recently got into it with the Ask Catholic Facebook group regarding a discussion about the caravan of migrants at the border. The leader who is in or claims he’s in Australia. ( I doubt if he is, really, because I question everything.)

Should we let in drug cartels or terrorists?

My answer:

Quantity of terrorist and drug cartels? Do you know this? How can you research this? I’m asking. Can you ask God and get an answer or maybe you don’t have a real prayer life and it is just dry immaturity one way prayer from holy cards and total pompous Latin prayers. I could ask God. Same Holy Spirit. Prayer if you called the Vatican is about a relationship between you and God and your fellow man because God lives in you and others. Please get this because my answer is now going on my blog. Http://

There is no interior life for many of these folks. God or that still small voice is private revelation so why bother to even delve into that? Just be exterior and be show off.

Read the fine print. There is more to prayer than reading prayers this way.


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