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One month in ugh semi hiding while waiting to move into our new place

I wanna put this all in bullet form people

  • First of all we voted this week. I husband and I thought exactly consider a sales total progressive moderately progressive.
  • Where are we? Don’t worry we are is safe place waiting up to see when we moved into our new place which will be a rental for the next year.
  • What has the month been like for us? Let me say it this way in a concise manner: peaceful not worrying about whether or not I have air-conditioning. And not with worry whether or not I have to clean or maintain a house that was falling down around me..

  • See this picture above? The new owners have taken hold and no repairing everything that we did not want to or thought was too expensive to do so! Which took this picture about three weeks ago right after we moved out.

  • And see this Pod spot above this words? Along with a friend of my husbands we fill the whole thing up to the max. Rather a friend of my husbands who was in our wedding 20 years ago, took the day off and he helped me feel fill it up with the very heavy items.
  • Thank you Mr. G! Who knows who is.
  • No the truth: I left my husband left a ton of stuff behind! Why? I reserve the right to not say why we left a ton of stuff but the general gist of it was this minimalization.
    Will we get to a new place I’m going to have new dishes, new linens, a new office chair, possible room divider and a few other new things that we need.
  • Just think we spent 3 1/2 long years just trying to get rid of stuff that my father-in-law had bloated the house with.

In conclusion, I’m going to share more after it’s all over where at least the spot of it’s over so I can look back on it in retrospect because I’m still thinking about what really happened in the last four years. People think back to all your traumatic events in your life. This was one of mine & it was very overpowering to move into a house that I suddenly old with someone else’s stuff that had died.

So now we’re waiting to find out when we’re going onto the next step.

It’s been a very good month. It’s been a very very good months: very relaxing month. I don’t feel obligated to be any certain way like I did when I was in this house. I don’t feel like I have to have the neighbors look at me cross side because I mowed the lawn five minutes too slow.

Hey I wanna reveal something now! On the way to closing the pods before we left, I gave our mower to the lady who is obsessive about Juan work. I did not name names I would like to but I did not name names here. God almighty, I would love to name her name her in her mulch! Here ma’am this is March, you can have my stinking mower.

I don’t think it’s going to make her any happier!

The guy across the street with Mr. perfect line is I used to call him, with a straight edge wall was nowhere to be found when we left at 4 o’clock in the morning a month ago today.

His sprinklers were on. He is one of those that look miserable also! It’s a wonder my father-in-law I lived to be 89 years old.

He kept him self in there for so many years with so much stuff we had to get rid of Took about 25+ garage sales to do so!

How to get rid of the last of it before we move? I called several charities summer good summer bad. Stay tune tomorrow for a full blown episode by episode of who is good and who’s bad to pick up things look up Tampa Day area!

Stay tuned. You are going to be very very surprised as who the nasty people are!

Folks, I’m gonna give a naughty or nice list of who not to call again! Also going to give and naughty or nice list of who is slow as hell and who doesn’t have their act together!

And just why in the world am I giving us one month later? Let me say this I had steam coming out of my ears last month but it was 90° & 100% humidity and I had one me to load up the rest of the stuff in that pod cubicle that was storage.

Got that?


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