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Dang dong Zippy Catholic of St blogs parish is Dead . Is Trump and Papa Bush next???

Here’s the background thanks to Mark Shea

Face God now ….

good he was one of those he devils I used to argue and troll with on St Blogs parish. That’s the pompous Catholic blog list I used to hang around online.

Background: when I started blogging he started trouble for me when hub and I were struggling to try and have kids in the early 00s. He said we were going to hell if we did not have kids. We couldn’t. We didn’t. But look who’s dead now . Look at me 55 and one Masters degree later.

Also was told by this Dang Dong that was never supposed to not vote GOP in 04.

Dog crap…. But that’s when I changed parties five months notes and minutes later. I was afraid at first. But none flew down to beat me back to GOP submission.

I moved on and wrote on without them. Then, I realized they had no authority. I got smart and blocked them all and started being equal and me.

And now he’s dead due to a bike accident.

Now you get trolled by God ….

Happy Halloween…..

sorry not Gonna pray your sorry @##$* out of purgatory.

But obliged to say RIp

Maybe not …I’m blunt about things.

God is cleaning house.

Is Trump and Papa Bush next??

I hope so with all that’s going on …


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