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What I said two days ago to the producers at EWTN network open line show

Fr Wade of the fathers of mercy was on there.

I had just turned on the car and was surfing for a radio show to keep calm in traffic. Tampa Bay traffic was awful.

I heard some kind of comment regarding catholic confession reconciliation and always keeping a little book of what you did wrong.

What? Why in the hell do you need a little book to keep track of what you did wrong? What is the heaven is this what 1 800 convent mama?

This is over-the-top, I thought. When we were at a stoplight, but right on fumbled in my purse from my phone. It was a long stoplight and I called them.

“Hi,” I said, introducing myself. I told the producer that last comment was very over-the-top. My ears heard a very nervous young man because I was taking issue with what the good father said about some little book keeping track.

Sorry folks if you can’t understand why I was upset with this, then you would understand that some people in my church too straightlaced for their own good.

My point: why not in heaven can’t you just put it on your fingers as a memory technique when you go talk to your pastor –whatever it is that you do remember that?

Yeah, put your hand out sideways make it on your fingers to remember?!

Is a lot easier than writing it down. Count on your fingers what your issues are. I do that with most any meeting that I have.

Direction of this producer was priceless. He won’t let me yes dear father way the question that I wanted to do. He kept the ultimate goal. Where do you have that in writing it??

I warned him I have a blog here and Twitter and stuff like that.

What I really want to know is why do people have to do it so old school despite their face and everybody else’s face? Why do you have to run every single little stupid thing you do down? Isn’t that saying things are half empty?

Also when you’re trying to evaluate how you’re doing something it’s just easier to put on your fingers your hands are in front of you all day 1, 2and 3.

A book of faults would make you so neurotic. It classifies people as OCD which is obsessive compulsive disordered people. It’s not gonna help the situation. Just look up and ask God as you see him what you’re doing. You will know what you’re doing wrong you do not have to write it down.

No need for some stupid book .

Last of all, that producer was really argumentative and against what I was saying. Then he took the position of not knowing what I was saying. I think I made him nervous. Efrem in between his breath and the phone line I can figure out there was no way in hell or heaven I was going to get to talk to father . I’ll try again.

I’m biding my time because I have more courage than I used to.

Got that?


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